How to go on TWENTY Travel-curvish trips for 6 months

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Yup… That headline is a teaser… For the end part of this newsletter.

But the main reason for the teaser… Is to keep you in a ‘winners mindset’.

It’s very hard to keep that mindset active on your own. Which is of course… Why you are here. And is partly why you become an S-curve member.

Let’s start the topic of the day…

One of the jobs of this newsletter… Is to remind you about S-curve lifestyle ‘stuff’. Because you’re busy and you’ll forget.

So let’s remind you of what the ‘top of the menu’ goal looks like, for everything that we do on here…

*Become S-curvish/Shred-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN attire > Flaunted @ travel-curvish destinations*
Which is why the Instagram descriptions have changed on @shauntls & @fitbuzz. So let’s dig in to the first part, if you’re yet to become an official member.

#1 Becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish

The reason why the foundation month exists… Is so that you learn how everything works. And it really is needed. Which is also why it’s a results phase month by default.

Now make these words sink in and stick…

What we do in that first month, is designed to set you up for the long term. And the way that we work,

during that month, will continue! There is no transition into ‘long term’. We start the process from 

day one.

The > bullet points you see on the page, are there for NEW website visitors. Not for YOU. Because they can’t just look at ‘nothing’… Right.

So once you’ve started and got into the groove. That will continue. And over time, you’ll succeed. In the time frames that you can see on that link above.

– Constantly moving between a lifestyle phase = More easy going
– And a results phase = More intense

#2 For OOTD/OOTN attire

Everything in your life changes once you build a 90-100% S-curvish physique. Especially for women @ YOU!It changes the way that you approach the world, in every single scenario. Wether leaving your front door, or staying indoors (Especially once it comes to you and your partner :D).

But it’s not something that people outside of the fitness and nutrition world achieve, often.

– Folks are busy
– Might not think it’s possible

– Or some other related reason

But every woman definitely > wants it> And it.

So the goal… Has been to transform as many people who fit that avatar. And… We’re getting it done!

As you have definitely seen on here in the past 12 months.

That’s the big motivator for evolving the S-curve formula into what it has become today.

#3 Travel-curvish and 2.0

You read all about this constantly on here. And the pictures have definitely ‘moved you’, if you’re following on the social media accounts.


This all came about, because of my own travels to some of these places (Sometimes with Fitbuzzers). And I’ll tell you now… Pictures do not compare to experiencing these places in real life.

The pics and vids will ‘capture’. But the memories will stick forever. Especially in your perfect 90-100% S-curvish physique.

Travelling to these places (As a trip away for pleasure) isn’t always possible for busy working folks (All of us). Maybe once or twice a year.

But Travel-curvish 2.0 definitely is possible @ today’s headline teaser.

And there’s always one of > these types of destinations that’s only 2-3 hours away from your home city. Which makes it easy to take a long weekend off, once a month or more. Which is what 2.0 is.

All of the above is what the S-curve experience is all about. Most of which will happen, when active on a

lifestyle phase.

That’s what you’ll be on for most of the long term.

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