How to get rid of bad acne (Mystique vs Magneto)

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Buzzers… Sunday…

It’s been a weekend of ‘rest’ for me here (I watched > this film… Watch it). It’s RECAPO day today in S-curve world. And for me… I definitely need to recoup. Especially after a full on 2-3 weeks of meeting new people.

That won’t slow down of course. And it doesn’t need to. Because I’ll of course, be using the S-curve formula. And embracing TC2.0 trips (View my FB stories… There’s 2 stories in there that’s related to this).


Nope… There isn’t a focused solution on fixing that, in S-curve world. Body, mind and lifestyle is what we fix.

But in terms of fixing your body. The motivation for people to start… Comes from a place of feeling insecure. Every single time they walk outside their front door.

It’s like with people who have ‘bad’ acne…

It’s torture to walk outside with it on your face, especially in heavliy populated environments.

But in terms of body parts…

– Skinny lower legs
– Lower back fat
– Lower belly fat
– A flat butt that looks horrible in tight jeans
– Clothes that fit baggy, because one is too skinny

I’ve seen first hand… Many times over, how having those issues, affects a person. And after working with them… I’ve seen how the chains fall off. Once they are fixed.

It’s a bit like > this scene from X-men, with Mystique and Magneto.

The difference with you (If you’re currently suffering). Is that unlike Mystique. You don’t have to accept what you can’t change.

You don’t have to stay less-curvish. Because you can and will become S-curvish.

And we can guarantee this ‘feeling’ fix. By embracing…

121 coaching chats, from the off…

Stages 1 and 2 are a good start. But they don’t help you, in the way that I know you need help.

All the good stuff happens, when you step into the realm of stage 3. And it’s mostly the engaging 121 coaching chats/sessions that creates all the ‘super’ results.

Without it… You’re just going to fall off, over time. And go back to a life routine, that was failing you. So the two best ways to start right now. That has 121 coaching from day 1, are…

#1 Lifestyle Phase auto-payments @ $150 month (Can upgrade to an intense Results Phase if you’re a real go-getter).

#2 > Pre-paid for 6 months.

Those are THE two best options, if your goal is to win. Because that’s what all successful members did.

They didn’t realise that it would be, on day one. But they sure were happy that they did, once those results started to show.


#1 A unique travel brand approached us this weekend, about partnering with our TC2.0 shenanigans.

#2 One of the many people I met recently and became close with, suffers from acne. And part of the cause of it… Is a busy and broken lifestyle. Which is the reason why we stayed in contact.

Both of these situations, inspired today’s newsletter.

It’s a strong S-curve member season. So let’s get to work.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– What the above outcome > may look like on some days.

– And on other days… > Like.

– The > Pocophone (There’s better review ‘examples’ elsewhere though).

FB stories > FB Messenger > 121 coaching chats as an active member.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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