How to get people to trust you… Forever

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Buzzers… Weekends over… (How to get people to trust you?)

If you followed my FB stories. Or the intro part of these newsletters. You’ll know what that looked like for me. It’s a new week. So let’s get into it.


Not everyone likes monthly payments. So today… I give you this new variation of putting the S-curve formula to good use…

– > S-curve my ass in one big payment @ $500.

– Will last for 5-6 months. But your member page will stay LIVE, forever (Like > this one… Which was created in August 2016… Which she still uses).
– Unlimited EVERYTHING!
– No price change @ Lifestyle or Results Phase.

This means you are ‘sorted’ for the two most important parts of the year @ starting this today…

#1 Fall season prep.
#2 Start of the new year prep.

Today’s headline @ I don’t even trust you though…

I don’t trust you… I don’t know you!

There are more fish in the sea… More than ever before, today @ options for the things we want.

But the vibe today… Comes down to trust (Unless it’s a hungry/thirsty guy, that follows a female that he likes. And is sticking around in hopes of meeting her).

Also.. A lot of S-curve world followers/members, don’t like certain females (With authority profiles) out there. Even some who are associates.

But they do trust ‘me’. They trust the results pages and the real social media activity, from those members on our profiles.

So… They stay active in S-curve world because of that

Also… We all know that there’s a lot of BS that goes on behind the scenes. Because a lot of people don’t post their daily lives. Only showing a portrayal of constant success. Daily.

Which isn’t real. You can’t trust that. Because life never looks like that. An improved version of daily life… Can look like that.

On the flip side. Some do post ‘the real’. Showing stuff like shopping trips and daily failings.

And in our world… That means

– ‘Come up for air’ moments
– Cheat snack moments
– How much sleep has been achieved
– TC2.0 weekends.

It’s all real. And I myself am living it. 24/7/365. All seen via FB stories.

And as I’ve said before. And what you should already know… In any situation @ trusting someone/something…

Just watch how they are, over a 3-6-12 month time period.

If they are the same, as they were when you first stumbled upon them. Then they’re probably a good catch to roll with.

Almost all past members used that test on us, before starting too.

The time frame @ officially becoming a member and starting, is getting shorter though. Because of all those past shenanigans/visible trust that we’ve built.

So… That’s the current state of where we are today @ ‘trust’.

Super Saiyan resilience

I’ve been talking about 121 coaching a lot recently. And rightly so. Because it’s the thing that changes everything… For YOU.

We jump on Messenger. At any time. And we could both be anywhere, when it happens (Loads of good memories coaching you from a bus trip, beach, airport lounge, hotel lobby).

But one thing I don’t talk about enough. Is the teaching of super resilience.

Like I said earlier. Not everyday is perfect. And you’ll face a lot of non-perfect days, after your initial 45-60 days (Which is a period where improved results never seems to stop).

And it simply gets tough for the average person to keep going beyond that. Which is why folks quit. And then keeps on looking for solutions. Which is why you ended up on this newsletter.

But the S-curve formula drives that Super Saiyin resilience into you.

And once you’re done @ around month 9-10. You’ll never need to go through it, ever again. Because you’ll be self-sufficient.

The only thing you’ll need to do after that time. Is some variation of stage 4 via More buzz. Or Just fix my #boutine for a period of time, for a Super Saiyin boost.

And if you don’t need that. Then you’ll be like me and some other members… @ enjoying the other parts of the S-curve experience. A lot of which… You can catch via…

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > The griller… Because of > Charlie (Lady on the FB page profile pic)

– Pre/Post/During > S-curve workout moments.

– > Epic… Because of today’s newsletter.


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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