How to Get Medical Debt Off Your Credit Report

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No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, there is a little chance that you might get sick. Sometimes, a dreaded disease could hit you causing you to seek comprehensive medical treatments and be confined in a hospital. As a result, finding the best possible cure for your sickness means draining your financial resources. Sad to say, most people encounter a huge gap between what they actually earn and their medical bill. To bridge such a gap, the patient or its family members will resort to borrowing money, thus, medical debt can happen. Hence, like any other debt, if left unpaid, it might hurt your credit standing.

In response, how do you get this medical debt off your credit report? This blog may provide you with some helpful insights on how you can solve this financial problem.

Be Financially Wise

But prior to making a loan, make sure that you allocate a portion of your income, whether from wages or profits to an emergency or health funds. Having this kind of fund can be as basic as saving in a piggy bank or investing your money in banks, mutual funds, the stock market, and other investment outfits that can grow your money. You might as well invest in an insurance company that offers insurance products with both medical benefits and investment options in it. However, just be careful and be vigilant in choosing the company. The lower the risk possible the better because it is for your medical fund.

Moreover, aside from allocating an emergency fund, you must observe good paying habits. No matter what loan you have, whether it is a good or bad one, or for medical or non-medical purposes, make sure to pay in full on or before the due date expires. The moment you missed a payment due, it would really affect your credit score. Thus, make sure to check and review your credit score annually.

In addition, if you have an existing policy with an insurance company, review its stipulations regarding your benefits. There are instances when patients rely on their own policies, without reviewing the stipulations, suffer major financial loss brought by medical debt. Hence, it is important that you closely consult your insurance agent to assist you in anticipation of unexpected medical expenses.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Becoming physically healthy may not guarantee that you will not get sick. But, you are still in a better position than those people who neglect their health and take it for granted, especially those who are young and considers themselves as “healthy.” But practically speaking, the more you make yourself healthy the lower the risk of you getting sick. It also follows that it will prevent you from being hospitalized and save your savings from being drained. Thus, start eating something healthy, do some exercise and take some supplements or vitamins.

In connection with this, healthy lifestyle is not only limited to physical health but it pertains to a holistic view which includes emotional, mental, social and spiritual. In other words, this is best described as total wellbeing. In doing so, try visiting a wellness center and get engage in some counseling, meditation, and other related kinds of stuff.


To sum it up, avoiding medical debt that might spoil your credit report must be addressed in a two-pronged approach. Primarily, you need to be financially wise by allocating funds for emergency or medical purposes. Such fund allocations may be enrolled in a variety of investment portfolio that has lower risk but more predictable gains. Furthermore, of equal importance, you also need maintain healthy total wellbeing by engaging in good diet, regular exercise and sound mental health. With these, you may be able to get off or even avoid medical debt in your credit report.    

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