How to get fit during the winter: 3 Simple Steps

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Incredibly, the rate of obesity among UK adults has more than trebled over the course of the last 30 years, with the result that one
in four British citizens are now morbidly overweight

This is of huge concern for the nation as a whole, while it is also creating a generation of children in the UK that are continuing to
gain significant weight.

Of course, it is important to note that among this number is a selection of adults who
are keen to lose weight and maintain a healthier physical form. Many of these individuals lack the knowledge or application to achieve these goals, however, and such gaps in education can lead to sad and tragic results.

3 Simple tips for getting fit this winter

This can be even harder during the winter, when the cold weather and adverse weather
conditions prevent individuals who may be lacking in willpower from venturing outdoors and engaging in physical activity They may also lack the disposable income or time to join a gym, so here are three
simple steps towards a healthier, fitter or more active lifestyle: –


1. Focus initially on Diet

Initially, you will need to ensure that you have a balanced, healthy and calorie
controlled diet that supports any exercise regime you develop.

For the average male this should be an average of 2500 calories per day (2000 for women), although those looking to lose weight may want to consider consuming 1500 per day initially and minimising the amount of sugar and saturated fats that are taken into the body.

It may also be better to settle into your new diet before attempting to undertake vigorous exercise, as the initial physical transition when losing weight can be challenging.


2. Be creative when exercising

When developing an exercise regime, you may find yourself restricted if you are not able to train outdoors are fail to affiliate yourself with a gym.

Creative thinking can help to address this challenge, as it enables you to create unusual exercises that replicate more traditional alternatives. Utilising the stairs in your home instead of a stepping machine can achieve the same effect, for example, while kettlebells and dumb bells can be sourced cheaply to create diverse and efficient workout regimes.


3. Bring your efforts together with technology

With a suitable diet and exercise regime in place, the final step is to utilise accessible
technology and establish viable, specific goals. Sites and mobile apps such as
Superbody enable you to achieve this, as these are comprehensive resources that
enable you to finalise and implement dietary plans alongside relevant fitness regimes. In addition to this, they also educate users about nutrition and allow them to track their performance in relation to each goal, so it is easy to identify any issues as they arise.

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