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How to fix your daily routine? That is… Butt + Routine = Boutine (And yes… It’s still more than just the butt. More than ever before).

Buzzers… Saturday…

It’s the first weekend of August. Some of us are taking a break. Whilst some of us are getting ready for fall season.

And that’s what triggered today’s headline.

Topic = If your daily boutine is screwed up. You’re either going to get too skinny. Or too fat.

Which one… Depends on your metabolism.

This is something workouts and nutrition on it’s own… Can’t fix. So before you do anything meaningful in terms of getting results. It’s all about fixing your daily boutine, first.


The goal here… Is to put the S-curve formula elements… Into your current daily boutine. Because chances are… You won’t be able to change the bulk of it.

So let’s give some examples @ the S-curve formula fix…

#1 If you travel a lot 

– Short splits routine weightlifting workouts in any gym
– Short splits routine S-curve bodyweight circuits ‘anywhere’
– Tailored Daily Exercise videos

– Just eat ‘something’ from the S-curve meal structure meals, when it’s time to eat (See top links on More buzz). Forget about calorie intake. Just get the nutrients in.

– Focus on foods that make you feel full. Like dumpling, bananas, stuffed crust pizza as cheat snacks.

If you do this… You’ll remain at least 65% S-curvish.

And if that is your life right now. Then an S-curve Interval Phase is perfect for you. Because you’re going to have to stop the crazy constant travels at some point.

And when you do slow down. You get to use your settled periods, to get an intense interval phase in, for 4-6 weeks.

Which will boost your lagging results that occurred, because of your constant travel shenanigans.

#2 You work long hours

That is what triggered the creation of the S-curve Interval Phase.

Because everyone that I’m talking to… Can see my lifestyle (FB stories… Watch them). And my physique.

But are not convinced that they can do the same.

I’ve also sat with them in person. And can see the things that are fudging them up. Like eating D-F rated main meals! At random times of the day.

So let’s throw in some fixes…

– TDE videos only. But must be done every single day without fail.

The main reason in this case. Is to keep you on the wagon. This is definitely a routine focusing thing. Because once you start doing them. You won’t want to stop.

– Tupperware meals prepared once or twice a week.This is very useful. Because you can load up your member page. Look at the ingredients that are needed in every main meal. And stack up on them.

Then when it’s time to eat. You’ll eat ‘right’. And over time… The S-curve meal structure will become a habit.

You’ll stick to it even more, once you start to see how it makes you look and feel (Especially the new extra energy levels you’ll experience).

Happiness levels will go up. And eventually. You’ll make an extra effort to get a little more serious with it.

Also… This will cause you to eat ‘prepared’ cheat snacks. Instead random stuff in the shops. Which is important. Because it’s the continuous eating of D-F rated foods that is fudging you up.


The daily boutine is the no.1 reason why my own daily lifestyle works.

It’s the first thing that we MUST get sorted, in the beginning. So as usual… FB Messenger to get talking. Via the @fitbuzz FB page or my profile (Below).

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