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Skincare king of shaves

After the age of 16, it is inevitable that the skin on your body would have been through many wars.

  • Acne
  • Scars and bruises from playing around in the playground
  • Scratches on your body from girlfriends
  • Skin infections

And as you age, it will only get worse.

If you are bodybuilding then you probably feel quite strong about have good self-appearance…, which is great. And if you are into building a great body, then you might as well go for near perfection. A part of reaching for that perfection is by having great skin, after all, that is the first thing people will notice on you before anything else when showing off your muscles.

Muscles and crappy, dry looking skin… I’m quite sure that’s a no go for the ladies.

So here we’ll go over some great ways for you to develop great looking shiny and healthy skin.

Eat well

This is a no brainer. You are what you eat. Eat crap and you will look like crap. Eat well… you will look ‘well’. I’m not going to name any specific foods here, but make sure you keep a diverse diet of all the foods that I have covered over at killer foods for fitness.

Break a sweat

You can do this by working out like a barbarian. If you sweat a lot then you are doing well. When you sweat your pores stay open. This may leave your skin open for invasion by infection nasties, but you can fight them off with simple good hygiene.

  • Use a clean towel every time you are in the gym
  • Wash your face 3-4 times a day
  • Use a good facial cleanser

Drink cod liver oil

I don’t bother reading the facts. I just do what grandma tells me to do, and that is to drink cod liver oil. Cod liver oil has many benefits and one the benefits it will give you is good skin. So keep drinking or swallowing those daily capsules.

Your face

You will sweat a lot more when you workout and I would usually tell you to sweat it out and drip dry as wiping away the sweat just makes the situation worse (And your hands will be full of germs too). However, this may not favour well with your gym counterparts. Leaving your sweat all over every bench is just straight nasty and if those who attend your gym are anything like me, they will tell you to clean your shit up!

The sweating is great as it opens up your pores, but that also leaves your face open for infectious nasties to get in there and wreck your beautiful skin. Most of you reading this probably shave too, so that leaves even room for potential infectious nasties.

My solution

There are some great facial and body products out there that you can wash use to keep your skin clean and fresh through out the day. But my star product and brand for the last 12 months goes to,


I’ve been through the wars with my face. See my history

  • Major spots between ages 12-14 (Used various face washes with no real results)
  • Acne at 14 years old (double dosage of antibiotics to slow it down – 4 pills a day)
  • Fungal infection on skin at age 15 (affects whole body (luckily it was a mild case)
  • The spots never really did go away, even after the teenage years… until now.

As of November last year I started to use various king of shaves products for my face and body and I can tell you ‘hand on heart’ that KING OF SHAVES is the good shit!

I’m quite active inside and outside of the gym and I consider myself to be quite high maintenance ‘for a guy’ as I think it is important to look good.

– Feel better

– Positive body language

– Confidence

And I sweat a lot, as I workout like a barbarian. But for quite some time, I just couldn’t get rid of these tiny spots on my forehead and face. Yea my skin looked relatively good, but relatively good is not good enough. I want that picture perfect skin.

The moment I started using KING OF SHAVES, my skin became very CLEAR! It’s not often that I rant and rave about a good product, but this done wonders for me, and if you are sweating away and getting skin problems because of it, get yourself some KING OF shaves products.

You will look better, feel better and it will match the model bodybuilder look that I know you are after.

Whether it is the skin on your face or body, follow what I have told you here and get that flawless looking skin, you might even find yourself being scouted by agents once you do so

Do you have great looking skin?
Do you use any products that help you achieve that?

Do let me know.

See you in the comments.

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