How to create a good vibe in your daily life

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Buzzers… Saturday… How to create a good vibe…


People always get my age wrong… By a good 10 years @ assumes younger. Hehe.

And I know that it’s due to living S-curvishly (My FB profile pics are proof of that). Hence…

And second 

I have a quite a few jobs to manage, within this S-curve experience. The most important one. Is to fix your mindset and lifestyle. Which I’ll talk about shortly. Along with last nights shenanigans.

Let’s get into it…

Buzzcoin… And if you sign up to the website on there… (Via More buzz below)

You wont get stage 3 121 coaching/therapy.

But… You will get 100% guidance + some tools to use… To help you consistently succeed with that sign up.

Remember… At present. This is mostly for those who are business minded and want to add an additional income stream to their arsenal.

This is happening… Because…

#1 People are asking about business stuff.

#2 I know of each and every member… Who has started a business, within the past 2-3 years.

Buzzcoin is optional though.

The other option… Is to become an S-curve member. And to then become an S-curve member partner.

You’ll also get 100% guidance on how to be an effective partner too.

Hint: Think about why YOU decided to become an S-curve member in the first place. Or even why you read this newsletter.

The keyword here… is ‘vibe’

(I’m always posting keywords in the FB stories… So take a look).

Having the right vibe and energy(s) in your life… Is what keeps you winning.

S-curve members have been active on here for 3-5 years so far. Which means the 1-5-10-15 year plan is working.

If you look at a lot of the ‘likes’ on my own FB profile, on recent posts. Those are mostly FitBuzzers and S-curve members.

Everyone I’ve ever connected with, is on my FB. But… My FB is still, mostly to cater to YOUR needs.

More ‘vibe’ 

One benefit of becoming a member… That members realise, after the fact. Is that they become a lot more positive and success driven.

Yup… Losing a of fat, that you’ve never lost before (Or fixing body parts) does that.

But the reason why this happens. Is because they fixed the lifestyle issues, that got them fat (Or broken) in the first place.

So once again… The real job here. Is more about therapy, mindset and lifestyle fixing. That’s the

main reason why successful members from the past, keep returning.

And I make sure that my own life… Is a shining example of what ‘fixed’ looks like.

No time 

I met up with the same people from last week, last night.

Half of their sales team this time around. And almost all of their lifestyles are broken…

– Long hours
– Smoking
– Bad eating habits
– Can’t seem to visualise a fix to their situation

I of course answered all of their questions with ease. I’ve done this too many times already.

It’ll take some time. And many repeat 121 or group chats (Unlike you… @fitbuzz is still pretty new in their lives) to get them fully immersed into S-curve world.

But it will get done. And at least half of them will stay members, for 1-5-10 years (They’re all aged between 18-35).

Especially since they all live in the hub I’m in. And have watched my own daily lifestyle. On a consistent basis @ I am the walking @fitbuzz business card.

To live to 100 years old FTW (Or even longer… If the movie The Matrix becomes a reality. At this point in time… It seems possible…).

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

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– ‘Come up for air’ playing > darts this weekend @ Pinterest feed shenanigans.
FB Stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/Therapy when you become a member.


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