How To Build Your Small Muscle Groups (Part2)

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Although I have encouraged you to focus on isolation exercises to help you build and develop your smaller muscle groups, it is just as important to include multijoint exercises for a complete bodybuilding routine. how much you do of each depends on how far along you are in you muscle development.

Training Technique

In previous posts such as How To Build Muscle Mass With A High Metabolism, I have talked about the importance of training ‘the correct way’ and to always keep to your routines with strict discipline. This is an even more important factor when building your smaller muscle groups, as you will need to have this mind set if you want maximum results for your efforts.

But in terms of discipline for your training technique, the best way to perform your exercises is by using full range of motion.

Full range of motion is important in single-joint movements to ensure that the entire length of the muscle is developed, but it’s just as important when training small muscles with multi-joint exercises

Example – The Middle back muscles

The most common type of exercise for the upper back is a rowing movement. But the smaller muscles of the middle back don’t really come into play until your shoulders are drawn all the way back. It isn’t until you start to squeeze your shoulder blades together in the rear that these muscles begin to play a key part in the exercise. So unless you do at least some of your rows with a full range of motion and with a complete peak contraction of the middle back muscles, you can’t expect to direct the kind of intensity at these muscles that they require for optimum results.

However, in achieving full range of motion with an exercise like rows, there is one other thing to take into account…

That is,

How much weight you’re using in the movement

Because the heavier you lift, the less likely it is you’ll be able to work through the range of motion required to work your smaller muscles to the max.

Stay tuned for part 3 where I’ll talk about Heavy vs. Light lifts when building your smaller muscle groups.

See you in the comments.

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