How to build muscle for an S-curve body for skinny people

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

As usual… Sone new conversations with new people ‘happened’ yesterday. So let’s dig in…

My chat with a ‘skinny’ person (How to build muscle for an S-curve body)

Fudging up nutrition, is what’s failing you. And it’s not always your fault either.

You see… Most busy people think they’re eating enough, in order to see a change in their physique. And they are… Indeed eating enough. For their ‘current day’ body weight.

There’s two things holding you back, if this is you…

– You’ve not done anything meaningful, to wake your muscles up… For them to want more food.
– Your daily activity levels are high. And you’re not re-feeding. From the calories lost, during that activity.

That’s why your body isn’t changing.

And more likely that not. You’re not eating S-curvishly… Consistently.

@ > This (Tip #1) and > this.

The first thing you need to do. Is trigger muscle growth, by doing the right workouts. You should indeed get more hungry from doing so.

Once you do… You should see more growth. Fast.

That’s just noticeable results though. And that’s just the first 30-45 days. It gets a little more progressively precise after that.

Not following through with a system. Is why nothing changes further for most people. That’s the S-curve formula @ system.

One way to test that this in effect. Is to allow yourself to go hungry. After day 60.

It should happen faster than usual. And be very noticeable.

And that’s… how the ‘fix’ begins.

Talking about it is easy. Doing it… Not so much. Which is why 121 nutrition coaching is no.1 priority when you start.

Two problems that exist…

– People are addicted to the post workout pumps temporary effect.
– People have been overloaded with conflicting advise… For their goals. In terms of nutrition.

The arguments are still floating around, all these years later @ conflicting advise.

The big thing to write on your wall(s) is this…

Focus on nutrition advise, that’s relatable to your goal.

That’s what fix my #boutine is all about.

The different payment plans exist… Only to show you the different approaches we can take, over time. To fix you.

What we actually end up doing. Will be some variation of what we see > there.


This is the first chat that needs to be had… With everyone that enters S-curve world. Either through ourĀ  social media channels. My personal network or random face to face meets.

Repotition of the message…. Is a part of the formula.

And that’s the reason why you end up on this newsletter or Messenger.

(Wine emoji goes here)… To fixing you for good.

The age timeline

– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
– 45-60 All health and mental goals

This is another reason why we’ve become more of an ‘experience’, than just a butt and S-curve shaping program @ core focus.

Because S-curve members stories goals, are changing with time.

> Like this for example @ a member for 6 years.

It is still all about the body for her. But more so about a mindset and lifestyle fix now. And to have someone(s) in her corner.

Like Aanu in 2017. Paying extra to have someone in your corner, makes all the difference.

Lifestyle Phase lite = 2 x a week check-in via 121 chats @ $70 a month
Results Phase = Unlimited 121 chats 24/7 around the clock @ $300 a month

@ low end and high end.

Note: Will give tailored Paypal payment links in the email replies and 121 chats.

Also… What piece of clothing are you wanting to look S-curvish for the most @ present?

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Becoming S-curvish… So that your shorts > fit like.

– > Tupperware @ fall season prep is in the air.

– Making S-curvish meals > look good, keeps you eating S-curvishly.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.

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