How To Build A Muscular Back (Part 1)

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It’s the weekend people, and although it is the end of a working week for most of you, I will introduce a 3-part series of how to develop your back muscles to look like your favorite super hero.

My back muscles never did look too great to begin with and I simply hated that, as i already had a small waist. In general, a small waist is something that most of you will want (but might not have). The reason for wanting a small waist is because when you do develop a wide back, it will give you that cartoon super hero body builder look and that is the type of body that will stand out regardless of what you wear. But I had a double negative.

  • A small back
  • A small waist

= Double negative

Which meant that I looked like a scrawny puny tall Mr. nothing. However, that is a great base to build muscle up from, is what I began to do and is what I will share with you on how you can do the same.

In this 3 part series we will cover:

  1. The four main muscles groups of your back
  2. How to develop each one
  3. The exercises
  4. The weightlifting routines for your back

Today I will describe and break down the function of all four muscles in your back.

The back muscles are located on the posterior part of the torso and their function is to draw the arms back and downward. It is composed of four main muscle groups:

The Latissimus Dorsi

Located right under your armpits and stretches down attaching to the waist. Their function is to bring your arms down and backward.

The Teres Major/Minor And Rhomboids

Attaches to your lats around the shoulder blade area and are involved in moving and stabilizing your shoulder blades, as well as helping your lats move the arms.

The Trapezius (Traps)

Located on the base of your neck and extends themselves down to the center of your back. Lifting and rotating the shoulders is their main function.

The Spinal Erectors

Located at the back of your waist at the lumbar region and are attached to the vertebrae, the ribs and the pelvis. Their function is to provide posture and support to your spine.

Those are the main muscles that make up your back. But stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow where I’ll talk about the exercises that you can do to build up each of these muscles.

See you in the comments.

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