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All of that S-curve world supplement and food stuff from > this post. Soak It all in. You do that… You win!


Most of you who read the > newsletter… Don’t need to see the following page. But as a website visitor/reader. You need to.


Enter: > A new ‘Become an S-curve member’ page.

It’s the same as the one that you see on our Facebook page (‘Shop’ tab). Just with more detail.

We’re making sure that the S-curve experience… Is experienced the same way, across all of our platforms.

So if you jump through any of those platforms, @ the image that you see at the start of this post (From the right side bar).

Then it should all feel familiar.


I’m going to show you how little time you need. To start and continue @ Becoming S-curvish.

This ties in with the S-curve experience as a whole. Because the entire point of Becoming S-curvish (Which takes work… Not necessarily a lot of time).

Is so that you can enjoy more of your time, doing what YOU like. Here…


> In OOTD/OOTN attire @ your daily life shenanigans.

> On Travel-curvish 2.0 trips (2-4 hours away from home for 2-4 days)

That’s exactly how I myself, live life.

Although the TC2.0 trips have been ‘less’ … Recently.

And when I’m around people who live regular busy lives. They see me drinking wine and eating chocolate… Without stressing about my physique.

Because you don’t need to stress. Once you’re at least 60% S-curvish AND follow the S-curve formula consistently.

We’re dealing with women AND men here. So > here’s what the formula looks like for both sexes.


What it looks like to become an S-curve member


#1 LIVE update member page
#2 A smart phone, tablet or laptop
#3 An internet connection

When you have that… You can become a member. Regardless of where you live in the world!


A) 10-15 minute workouts as you wake up or before you go to bed… Following videos on your phone/device. Some of which… Are recorded for you specifically.

B) Follow YOUR S-curve meal structure. And eat until you feel full/content @ every main meal.

That’s it!

That is the bare minimum that you’ll do. Throughout most of your months.

The main reason why you become a member. Is so that you get the right education + experience. But mostly to stick to the plan.

Almost everyone who wants to achieve @ ‘life’. Fails… Because they’re not attending a compulsory sessions.

Like… You have to go to work, right?

That’s compulsory. If you don’t… You don’t get paid!


In regards to becoming an S-curve member…

Forget about workouts… And even nutrition focused stuff. You begin… So that you can start doing the right things, in regards to YOUR life… @ ANY part of this S-curve experience.


– Mindset

– Motivation

– Therapy (Someone to talk to about sh*t)

– Nutrition/Supplementation (In S-curve world)

– Earning extra income (Within S-curve world)


That’s what we’ve been helping all of you guys and ladies with since October. So as usual… Message via the blue icon in the bottom right corner. And in picture comments on the page/timeline posts on the > FB page.

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