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Pamela got it done…


So… We’ve been doing this stuff for a while now. So it’s pretty easy to see when, where and why people fail, in regards to taking up ‘fitness’.

There’s two main things to consider if you want to fix the ‘failing’.

#1 Your overall approach

#2 Sticking with a source that you trust, through thick and thin

That’s it. If you do that, you’ll win. Regardless of what ‘good’ fitness plan that you start.

Now… Let’s dig into the training aspect of #1 above. This is how you win.

You win, by taking a long term view from day one. With the intention of sticking to a plan for 6-18 months if you’re really hungry to ‘achieve’. And 1-5 years if you want to still have a life, whilst achieving. The later is more realistic for most people.

The long term training approach

This is specific to weight training and bodyweight workouts only. Which of course, is the type of training that will give you the quickest results if you want to grow muscle on certain body parts, or shred fat (And not shred weight… Which kills your results if you do). Check site

It’s all about strength progression

The plan is to always focus on this from day one. But that’s not always possible as a brand new trainee. Because it’s usually best to start on a 30 day trial, before heading into an official 6-18 month long term plan.

The 30 day trial is where you’ll learn everything about ‘you’ and build the foundation. Which means you’re actually learning how strong you are at this time. So it doesn’t make sense to focus on the ‘real’ strength progression process…


Once you do get into the groove of things, it’s all about learning what exercises work best for you (Not all exercises will).
This is important. Because a big part of strength progression, is knowing what exercises you’re going to progress to…


> Push ups on knees
> Push ups on feet
> Feet raised push ups
> Assisted pull ups
> Pull ups
> All exercises hanging in a pull up position (Such as hanging half leg raises)

That right there is where all the magic happens.

Because if you start successfully moving through the exercises. It means that your strength levels are going up.

If your strength levels are going up, it means that your body will start becoming leaner (Which is good for shredding and muscle building). Which also means that you are outpacing the rate at which your body adapts to change.

Outpacing the rate at which your body adapts to change, is how you keep your muscles guessing. That’s when the big physical changes happen.


That is the strength progression formula.

That’s why it’s always being hammered into your head to encourage starting on a long term plan from day one. And to not stop for the first 6 months.

It’s like when you take driving lessons. You’ll increase your chances of failure if you stop taking them in a consecutive fashion.

Also… Strength progression is usually an after thought when it comes to training, for most. So it’s something that one must focus on. That’s why long term trainees ‘win’. That’s how you go pro when it comes to getting results.

It’ll usually kick in by your 2nd month, with whatever training program you’re on.

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