How To Be A Motivated Bodybuilder

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Why do I need learn how to be a motivated bodybuilder? You may ask.

Well, because you are human. And although we are all different, I know that you will feel one of these emotions at some point in time.

  • Demovated
  • Uninspired

In the body building world this can be caused by things such as,

  • Looking in the mirror and thinking… ‘My body looks like shit… I’m never gonna look ripped’
  • Lack of female attention… not noticing or even acknowledging your muscle building efforts ‘ Stupid women, can’t they tell that I have muscles!’
  • A few weeks off training, you go back and realize what an IDIOT you have been. You have now lost all of your muscle mass that you worked ever so hard for. (TWAT)

And many others, which I’m not going to go over.

For most of you animals reading this, you are probably saying to yourself,

‘No worries, If I ever do feel like that, I’ll just work through it regardless of how I really feel’

But that’s where I think one may be on a downward spiral. Remember, bodybuyilding is all about fun and making you feel good.

Body build to live and not live to body build…

So therefore it would be much better to perform these actions when you are in a ‘motivated’ state of mind. You will

  • Work much harder
  • Get more satisfaction from your bodybuilding workout
  • And be more effective

And that is why I will now share with you several ways in which you CAN get motivated.

Find Your Mantra

This is something you will have to find out yourself. Yes, someone could lift your spirits by giving you a great motivational talk… but that’s just temporary. You will wake up and feel like shit again if you don’t connect with your inner soul and find out what makes YOU tick.

My personal mantra is this,

‘ You don’t find animals like ‘THIS’ in the jungle!’

Once that drums into my head on my ‘low’ days, I get filled with rage and I’m off on a high again. I recently talked about finding your own map, regardless of what I preach to you here. If you can’t find a mantra, then go to your map for guidance.

– Stop wasting your life

– Value your time

– Stop complaining that you are bored (If you are saying this, then I think I need to get one of the soldiers in the current war to slap you upside your head. They can die at anytime… do you think they are bored?)

It’s your life, it’s your body. Do something with it.

Remember When You Was ‘In The Zone’

These are your happy times, times when you were at your best. Times when it seeemed that all you had to do to build muscle was breath and sneeze. I can tell you the times when I was in the zone. 1999 and 2005. I may have had a good looking body before, inbetween and after this time, but it never has felt like it did in those specific years. It was at these times that I felt fulfilled, stretched and in flow… my greatest body building achievements!

Remembering times like these will help get you back into the zone. Becasue you attract what you think about.

Do Less – Make everything count

You do this by cutting the crap out of your life. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Simplify your life. Doing many activitites may seem like ‘Ooh, i’m busy, busy is good’ But what actually happens is that you will begin to feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders… and you will be unhappy! Even worse, you won’t have a fulfilling bodybuilding life.

Make room for the important things (bodybuilding included)

Set small goals and achieve them. Once you do, you will always be motivated to follow them through.

There’s Good Even In The Bad Times


Because when you get old and look back in time, you’ll realize that everything you went through was all a part of the process. So make everything you do count at all times.

You will face plateaus, you will face injury, you will shed blood, sweat and tears. My advice is to have fun with it. Because when you look back (while standing on that greener grassier side), you will only remember the good parts of the journey.

Stay Fit, Stay Active

Now I don’t know how or why this works, but it does. When you stay active in fitness, it tends to make you WANT to stay active and motivated to push furthur. You may be doing some cardio work, you take a break, and for some strange reason your inner self decides to cut that break short and power forward.

That is a really good feeling. At this point you are probably on top of the world. But you can only get into this state, if you stay active!

The last thing I’ll say is to get out of your cave. Look…

  • You wake up in a box
  • You wake up to watch a box
  • You leave your house to go and work in a box
  • You stare at a box while working
  • You come home to a box to stare into another box……

Think outside of the box for once PLEASE! It was depressing even writing that. When you do, you won’t even have to think about being a motivated bodybuilder. Like NIKE, you’ll just do it.

See you in the comments.

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