How to Balance Your Work And Bodybuilding Lifestyle

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And your immediate response will be…

Easier said than done!

And I agree… to a certain degree.

This is a problem that I, and many others that I have been networking with face on the daily. As you all I know, I run this site Stay-Fit Bug. But I also have other things going on around it.

  • The Ebooks
  • Creation of future products/ services (Created with the help of some of you)
  • And a now more serious affiliate marketer

That’s Mr. Shaun Sinclair at present day. But the fact is, any path you take into adult hood in this day and age will likely be a demanding and busy one. Unless you place some structure and order into it.

  1. Raising kids and building a family
  2. Climbing the corporate ladder
  3. Becoming a great musician, recording artist, actor, athlete, entrepreneur

And if you have stumbled upon this article today, it is very likely that your goal is to build a better body. If so, you too will need some structure in your life to do so. Here’s how you can start to do just that:

#1 Eliminate Stress (It is a figment of your imagination)

Many will argue for and against me with the above statement. But I truly believe that stress is a made up thing by us humans. Most things in life are simple, we just tend to make them more difficult. Stupid human race!

If you live in the western world, you don’t know the meaning of stress. Stress is being out at war in the middle east!

I’m going to steal a quote from one of my recent interviewees Natalie Minh

There are no problems, only solutions!

Once you begin to adopt that mind set, things just magically become easier. We humans tend to over hype the most simplest of challenges.

It doesn’t really matter what the challenge is. The fact is, it can probably be solved… unless it’s a life/ death situation.

– Learning to say ‘no’ when people ask extra of you

– Handing tasks to others when extra is asked of you (Sometimes you have no choice in the workload dropped on you)

Those are simple problems that can be easily solved.

#2 Make Your Work Your Workout

Trying to manage an effective weightlifting workout while working full time is hard because,

– Work isn’t just work, it puts stress on your brain, which effects how motivated you will be (we are not robots)

– It’s hard to find balance and find time for every one (girlfriend, family or whoever)

– It’s easier to be lazy and hit the night club or chill out with friends.

– It’s always easier said than done.

That was a previous quote from yours truly in the article,

How To Workout While Working Full-time

Most of that I do still agree with. But today, I’d rather take the no problems only solutions approach.

What is the solution to making your work, your workout?


Get really organized!

  • Write down everything you do on a note pad.
  • Use post it notes.
  • Stick quotes of your personal goals on your wall, computer monitor, fridge, pin up board, car dash board or what ever you have at your disposal in your daily surroundings.
  • Also write down the things that are getting in your way of achieving your goals. Fake friends, Nagging or annoying girl friend.

In terms of your job, don’t let a stressful job get in the way of achieving results in your weightlifting routine.

Does your job require manual labour?

Any job type that requires manual labour is going to be physically demanding. No escaping that. So what you do is get creative. Make your work a part of your weightlifting workout.

Again you will need to get organized. If your goal is weight loss then write down how many calories you`ve burnt throughout the day working and replenish your glycogen stores during and after work.

If your goal is weight gain, then analyze the type of work you do and look at the specifics.

How much…

  • Lifting
  • Pulling
  • Pushing

Do you do at your job?

If it’s a lot then that can be a part of your functional strength training. If so, structure your weightlifting workout around those specifics and be sure to hit those muscle groups that you don’t exercise in your gym workouts.

#3 Structure Your Days

There are two things I’ll touch upon here.

  1. Structuring your workout plan around your work
  2. Get your work done early. That’s home tasks and work tasks.

Living life spontaneously can be a fun thing. I should know, I’ve been living that way for the best part of the past 10 years. But like I mentioned earlier, more responsibilities seem to creep your way the older you get. Now, the spontaneous action doesn’t need to stop completely. But you will need to structure your time for it a little more.

The first way to do that is by structuring your bodybuilding map/ plan. If working out in the mornings is something you wish to do, then stick to it. If you’re going to workout on Mon/Wed/Fri with a weekend break to recover, then stick to that too. It doesn’t need to stay that way forever… no. But having that structure will allow you to slip other things into your schedule.

The second way to build some structure into your life is by getting your tasks done before schedule. Some of you may turn around and say that this is easier said than done. But it’s actually easier than you may think. You see, I know that most of you waste hours watching stupid shows on TV, poking around on wastebook (Also known as Facebook) and other things. If you take those things away for just one day, you will see how much ‘productive’ activities can get done in that time.

Doing so will give you plenty of time to squeeze in some workouts, heavy meals or any other activity that you love to do.

#4 Do Your Hard Work Early

Now, this will be different for everyone. But the whole point of getting the hard tasks out of the way early on is due to the fact that, that is the time of day when you will have the most energy. It’s the same reason why it’s sometimes better to perform your workouts at the crack of dawn.

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it to the best of your ability.

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it to the best of your ability!

The after lunchtime slow down is common amongst all of us. You might not be a sleeping duck just yet, but I can guarantee that you will be less efficient at anything you put your mind to after this time.

So do yourself a favor and go all out in the first several hours of the day. Not the last several!

#5 Relax

Last week I wrote about the ways that you can relax your muscles on your non-workout days. This is highly essential if you intend to solve your work life/ bodybuilding life balance. The common dilemma here is that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. The older you get, the harder it seems to be.

Something you might tend to do is list all of your daily tasks, take a hard look at it (what seems to be mission impossible) and then stress out.

Chill dudes and dudets. Chiiiillll!!

What you really need to do is,

  1. Separate the important from the least important tasks. That is, what needs to be done now, what needs to be done later.
  2. Delegate those tasks where possible.
  3. End each day with one of those relaxation methods listed.

The modern day life style in any modern day city will be a busy and fast paced one. Slowing it down every now and again is a key element to balancing a good work and bodybuilding lifestyle. There will be many days where the day ahead will look like one big fat elephant that you cannot possibly digest.

When this mindset creeps in…


Chop up those tasks into incy wincy little pieces and move along gracefully. Practice this long term and your life will start to become GREAT!

#6 Make time for play time

Too much hard work will make you a very unhappy bunny (Not good for a happy bodybuilding lifestyle)

That’s why even I (being the animal workaholic that I am) took a 2 day break away from everything a couple of weeks back. I just sat back, relaxed in one of those Shisha bars (that seem to be rising in popularity) and chilled while the sun shined. Doing so allowed me to refocus, reflect, but most importantly, have fun. Even if for a brief moment.

You can work your ass off all you like, but without play you might as well be a slave. You’ll know when it’s the right time to take a break

Your body will talk to you and tell you. When it does, make sure you STOP!

If it means taking a whole week off, then do it. That includes a week off from bodybuilding too. You’ll come back a newer, fresher and better YOU!

I network with quite a few people on and offline in the bodybuilding world, and the dilemma in the title is something I come across almost on the daily. There’s a good chance that dilemma affects you to. If so, follow the above and start living a fun and great bodybuilding lifestyle.

See you in the comments.

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