How to Attain the Fitness of a World Champion

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When you need some inspiration to get you to work on your fitness, there’s no better place to turn to than the world of sport. For the most part, sportswomen and sportsmen have achieved peak fitness, can maintain it, and add the strengths and techniques required to excel in their sport.

Right now, one of the biggest stars in the world of sport, despite having his first bout just four years ago, is Anthony Joshua. The Watford-born boxer ascended to world champion in 2016 and has since added another major world title to his résumé, standing as the only unified world champion in the heavyweight division right now.

One of the most endearing factors of Joshua is his incredible level of fitness. He has clearly worked very hard to get his sculpted body, but the effort that he puts into training to make sure that his body isn’t just for show is astounding. So, here are some of the methods that the world champion uses to stay in such prime condition.

Casual nutritional values over strict diet plan

Source: EXOUS BodyGear, via Twitter

As opposed to the incredibly strict diet plans that you see around the internet, Anthony Joshua opts for a more casual approach to his diet –focussing on basic nutritional principles. Rather than having a full meal plan, Joshua claims to simply eat what feels right, often indulging in a lot of spinach, broccoli, chicken, fish, rice, and potatoes.

The world champion has often cited his Mum’s cooking as being key to his diet, with her Nigerian meals being a great source of fuel for him throughout the year. But he also treats himself from time to time, such as having steak and chips following his incredible rumble against Wladimir Klitschko.

Intense training in the running to a fight


It’s the focus of his overall fitness that provides a base for his raw strength and power that has enabled Joshua to take on some of the biggest names in boxing and come out on top. Alongside his technical brilliance and mindset, Joshua’s levels of fitness are undeniable, helping to set potential future opponents Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury as 9/4 and 5/4 underdogs, respectively, in the latest boxing odds.

Most recently, Anthony Joshua defeated late stand-in Carlos Takam, who replaced Kubrat Pulev less than two weeks before the big fight. Joshua had been training specifically for Pulev, whereas Takam had been preparing for Joshua just in case a call-up did occur, but luckily Joshua’s focus on fitness guided him through the bout against the incredibly tough Takam. For Pulev, Joshua worked a lot on stamina, endurance, speed, and agility in his
legs, with fitness continuing to be as crucial as power. This includes resistance band side steps (on his arms and legs), blasting it on the training bike, speedy sidesteps through a ring of cones, lunges with weights in hand, and neck exercises by leaning into a medicine ball.

Day to day training


After fights and in the running to the next bout being announced and a new training regime beginning, Joshua says that it’s important to drop the boxing element but keep his body fit and ticking over. For this, he says that you need to maintain a strong level of cardio as well as maintaining your core and gluts – as they’re the foundations of your body and strength.

The world heavyweight champion will spend a lot of time on the training bike as it takes the pressure off of the joints to avoid wear and tear while also providing top cardio training. Swimming is also good for similar reasons to the bike, and doing planks and leg raises are also good for maintaining your core.

So, to get fit like a world champion, be sure to target the right nutrition in your diet, ensure that your fitness comes at least equal to your strength and weight training, and keep your cardio and core going all year round.


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