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You’ve all been around the site. And you can see the ‘formulas’ that we’ve set. In short. Everything you have seen here, teaches you how to actually approach ‘fitness’.

Fitness… That’s way too much of a generic term. Especially in today’s world.

So let’s say…

– A lifestyle
– Retain a youthful appearance
– Results that you get to keep, without damaging your overall health

And today, I’ll show you exactly how we’ll do that.


It doesn’t matter what your ‘physique’ goals are. The first thing you need to do, is to get the A-F food rating system into your head.

Here’s how it works…

A = Apple
F = Apple pie

A-rated foods are foods in their original form. Their natural state. Those are the foods that will boost your results and keep your body ‘healthy’. However… We can’t eat A-rated foods only.

#1 Because they won’t give your body all of the nutrients it needs.
#2 Because they are usual very bland (Not including fruit).

Which means that 80% of the foods you eat, need to be A-C rated.

The best way to do that is to vary your meals every 2-3 weeks. That is ‘hard’ to do for most people. So it’s usually best to get a coach (That you know and trust) to help you with that.

Also… We don’t just neglect D-F rated foods. Instead, we snack on those a few times a week via ‘cheat snacks’. This is when you eat your apple pie as dessert, right after your lunch meal.

This is a better approach than focusing on cheat days or meals. As both of those will encourage binge cheating. Which will ultimately kill your results over the long term.


Weight training + HIIT cardio + Any sport/activity that you enjoy.

That’s ‘the’ ultimate formula to achieve your desired results, without having to live in a gym.

Weight training

There a A LOT of ways to approach this. And all of the different types of training will push for a desired result. If you’re training with a good coach of course. But in general, it’s weight training type of workouts that will help you to achieve your best results in record time.

HIIT cardio

In short, this is what you’ll do when you want to shred fat. Especially if you have a body fat percentage of 25 and above.

Any other type of cardio just isn’t as effective, if boosted results is the goal.


This is one of the magic parts of the formula. What you do here, will help you to stay active in all things fitness related.

Because chances are… You have quit fitness ‘program’s’ more than once if you’re reading this.

Quitting sets you back.

What you have to do, is to choose a set of ‘fitness related‘ activities that you’ll do outside of your workouts.

Favorites include…

– Reading
– Golf
– Boxing
– Swimming
– Badminton

Doing so will give you balance and mind space.

The other important thing you have to do, is to make your actual workouts a part of your lifestyle.

The best way to do this, is to have periods where you’ll go intense with the workouts. And then have periods where you take it easy. It’s at this point, when you’ll go on vacation, attend festivals, go on road trips or anything else that you enjoy.

However… The one thing you must always focus on, is nutrition. It’s not so much about focusing on it ‘exact’. It’s more about doing the nutrition stuff above, repeatedly, until it becomes a ‘second nature’ habit. Like waking up to brush your teeth.


There are more details to cover. A lot more. But that’s the short and precise version.

Let’s get ‘fit’ and live!

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