Hitting your booty grams and calories (Again)

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Buzzers… TBT…

We’ve been banging on about the stage 1-4 process for a while now.

We need to…

#1 So that it sinks in for people > like her.

#2 Because the process is always evolving. Like what’ll happen with the new ‘live’ focused program

over time.

And one of the firsts you’ll hear me say… Is to do the workouts and eat until you feel content.

Because the workouts will gauge how much food your body will want at any given time (You’ll get

hungrier for the most part).

Butt (Pun intended)… That will change as you begin to progress to 60-80% and 90-100 % S-curvish.

Because it’ll get harder to start seeing noticeable results.

And… Because everything else you’ll be doing will become more specific too.

Such as strength progression. Which can only successfully be done as an active member on stage

3 or 4… So don’t fall off until you’ve passed through this stage. As you won’t reach 90-100% without
it. If you do try, you’ll probably get injured. So please… Don’t do it.

The old S-curve nutrition approach (2011-2013)

The program that you see today, has been a progression in creation. Before, it used to be a ‘do it

yourself’ ebook focused program.

And back in 2012, we created an excel doc/app, that calculated your grams and calories just by

entering your age, weight and height.

It was great and still is. It’s just that we ‘do it for you’ now (Reply if you still want to see it though).


Today… That doc is what we’ll focus on when it’s time to take you to 90-100% S-curvish.


Well… This is what will happen…


You’ll look at your total protein/carb intake for the day. Along with the intake for each meal.

You’ll start looking at the protein/carb grams on each food source that you have (You can ask if the

packet doesn’t have labels).

And instantly… You’ll start to see how much of those foods you’ll need to eat, to hit your required

carbs, protein and fat intake for each meal.

This is a good thing. Because those figures will be stuck in the back of your mind. And will activate


– You go food shopping
– When you workout
– When you go to bed and wake up
– When you eat out at restaurants

No… You’re not in a paranoid state. It’s not about that. We’re all about lifestyle @ everything you

see on > Morebuzz.

It’s more about being subconsciously aware.

Over time… This mindset will take your physique goals to the top.

– The gold plan
– The bronze plan
– Stage 4

Are all designed to help you get there. Because it’s easier said than done, when life is throwing

different s*** at you on a weekly or monthly basis.

I personally speak to a lot of people daily. So I know exactly what that looks like @ working

professionals who have kids under 3 years old. Ahh.


I’m personally doing this right now too. As I’ve just come out of the 10 month S-curvish guinea pig test,

which I mentioned several times during 2016.

So now is a good time to jump in, if the above relates to you at your current stage of S-curvishness.

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