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Buzzers… Weekend over…I have a lot of you added on FB. And for now… The Travel-curvish 2.0 trips and fun shenanigans have

indeed come to an end.

I ended the night by watching The Foreigner. The Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan movie. And I of

course woke up to be reunited with the return of the Walking Dead.
The hintYesterday… I posted that 4 month LIVE coaching feed, that we done last year with an S-curve member.

Yup… 4 whole months.

It was done to show you what it’ll actually look like for YOU. But it was also done, to show you that once

you start… You don’t stop.

I talked about this recently too. At the fact that people will do this in different areas of their lives @ quitting.

For no sound reason at all.

Just… Up and quitting.

Especially when things are actually going well (Da fac).

Fear of success is one of those reasons @ why.

I’ll personally rescue your a55 from that situation anyway. So no worringo (Random made up word).

Now.. Let’s get into those blueprint tips that you should print out or bookmark for future reference.#1 Pineapple is great as a cheat snack. And is great for a day time snack too, as it keeps you feeling full.

#2 Raisins are great, because they’re small, they’re dry, easy to travel with and are hard to get addicted to.. Because the sweetness becomes too much to bare (Like pineapple).

#3 Do one effective exercise everyday that targets your struggling body part (Told you it’ll come up regularly).

#4 Cut milk and sugar from all of your S-curve meals (Mostly cereals). We have several replacements that

actually boost the taste. Which won’t lead to an unwanted build up of fat.

#5 No more generic sit ups or crunches.

#6 You’ll limit the frequency of the amount of generic squats you’ll do.

#7 You’ll stop counting grams and calories until you reach 60% S-curvish.

#8 You’ll make it a compulsory decision on wether you’ll go easy (Lifestyle phase) or hard (Results phase)

every 4-6 weeks.

#9 You’ll only buy cheat snacks on the day that you’ll eat them.

#10 You will breathe properly during your workout sets and not hold your breath.

#11 You’ll make it compulsory to vary your food types.


– Oats for 2 weeks
– Muesli for 2 weeks
– Granola for 2 weeks
– Weetabix variation for 2 weeks

@ random example.

These are all rules that must be followed.

It’s hard to just wake up and remember them… If you’re not active as an official member.

But even if you are… It’s still a good idea to stick them up… Somewhere you’ll see them everyday, without


– Wallpaper (Phone/Laptop)
– Kitchen door
– Office pin board

The above is just one list. We will create more.

Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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