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Your… Butt…

The first two days of the week have been info heavy… And rightfully so.

So let’s take a breather and go over some mandatory S-curve blueprint tips.

Go… Go…

– Your cupboards need to be stacked with A-C rated foods… Not JUST 

A-rated foods… For varieties sake (A = Totally clean, F = Totally dirty).

– Eat a ‘complete’ protein food @ every meal aka all amino acids present on 

the food label (Look at your whey protein food label for an example).

– Warm up with bodyweight exercises that are similar to the weight training 

exercises that you’ll do in that workout.

– Warm down with stretches (This applies to S-curve workouts only).

– The two meals that you must NEVER skip in order to become and STAY 

S-curvish = Breakfast and bed time.

– You have a struggling butt? Do an upper butt exercise EVERYDAY 

without fail… Like the hyper extended lunge.

– Combo exercises will ‘take you there’ @ triggering results… Like the 

squat (machine) followed by 3 variations of the calf raise (That’s one set).

You already know what to do… Reply to ask about stuff.

S-curve members… I’ll see you in the 121 chat sessions.



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