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Knees and toes… (Sing along).

Buzzers… > humpday

Today… We’ll do the same as what we did yesterday. But instead, to focus on the workout side of things.Which we haven’t talked about in months. Enters…

– S-curve experience
– TC2.0
– ‘Life’ stuff

The S-curve workout stuff is just as important as nutrition. It’s just that you’re more likely to and continue to, screw up with nutrition. Both of them together, work in sync, as you move through the stages month by month. It’s a formula aka S-curve formula.

But we’ve started to move away from showing you workout ‘ingredients’, because of the fact that we do LIVE update member pages.

That means… It’s a full mimic of what face to face workouts would look like. Which means… Everyday ‘can’ be unpredictable…

– Wake up fatigued
– Wake up with a new tiny injury
– Just not feeling it on the day

This is largely results phase shenanigans, as we work together every day.

What you do every day, can change, based on how you feel in that moment. So it doesn’t make sense to give you random workout stuff. Which may or may not apply to you.

Doing ‘exactly’ what you need to be doing, is a much better use of your time. Which is why it’s best to become a member, if you’re serious about this part of the S-curve experience.

The lifestyle phase, is what you’ll be on most of the time. So this year, we created the tweak weeks modules. Which gives you solutions, based on the issues (Like those listed above) that’ll come up when you’re working out on your own.

Issues that we all saw > these ladies go through LIVE. Back in fall 2016.

Anyway… A reluctantly given, S-curve blueprint tips for S-curve workouts.

#1 Hates you… My butt shrunk!

There’s a high probability that your butt might shrink slightly, if you’re shredding into an S-curve physique.
Just understand that it’s only temporary. And that it’s an OK ‘thing’. As it’s not really possible to shred and grow into an S-curve at ‘exactly’ the same time.

It’ll always be a tailored approach to regrow it (Or tweak weeks exercise variation modules on a lifestyle phase @ less 121 coaching). And it will of course grow back, better than before.

But in terms of exercises… You can focus on the following. Or progressing to them…

– Feet raised quadruped hip extension (Hard)
– Hyper extended standing lunges with a dumbbell held vertically at your chest (Medium)
– 45 degree laying abductions (Medium)

#2 Your weakest looking body part…

Do 2 sets of one effective exercise on that body part, every single day without fail for 6 weeks. ‘Selfie’ before you do it too. And again at week 6. Just reply and tell me the body part. I’ll reply back with an effective exercise.

#3 We all know that the Aphrodite Butt Building program is the best routine to be on

To see ‘super’ growth.

But it’s a tough routine to go through, it’s not fun at all… And is best to be done on a results phase, with daily 121 coaching chats @ boosted motivation + injury prevention (No joke).

But… A temporary routine to go through, if times are busy. Is to simply do high reps and heavy
weight on the exercises that you do in your own standard workouts.

Which is what we did with the short splits routine this year (Which I’m personally still using everyday). Which is an alternative for doing the standard S-curve split routine(s) from the official routines.

#4 Getting precise-curvish ‘shenanigans’… The S-curve formula way…

– Limit your squats and deadlift numbers – Bigger thighs and a bulky waist is what you might get, when performed in high frequency over the long term.

– Do less exercises that hit your upper abs (The effective exercises too). Like…

> Bicycles and certain variations of…
> Push up > Burpee > Jump/pull up
> Running on the spot
> Side to side one arm ski swings

= Boob shrinkage (Unless you’ve installed fake ones already @ not recommended if you haven’t @ We do ‘real’ body parts here).

Yup… Those are some of the best exercises that you’ll see in your program. So we’ll usually…

A) ‘Start’ with those effective exercises.
B) Carefully gauge the fat lost/muscle gained
C) Start getting more precise with the exercises (And nutrition) as you progress towards 90-100% S-curvish.

Extra becoming S-curvish reminders…

– Eat less saturated fat.
– No fruit past ‘evening’ dinner time.
– No slow-go cardio.
– No sticking to a regime for more than 6 weeks.
– No more cheat ‘meals’ (Cheat ‘snacks’ only).

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