Head… Shoulders, knees and toes (Sing with me)

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Yup… That’s a super #TBT song right there. But not so much, if you have very young kids right now
(Or even grandkids @ very young looking grandmas).


The reason for that headline, is because we’re going to share some of the best ways to ‘trigger’ a change

in the body parts that concern you the most.

All the way from your head, to shoulders knees and toes (Knees and toes…).

#1 Arms

– Super rep laying barbell tricep extensions (Or standing using the cable machine).
– Super rep single arm (alternating) bicep curls. Most get this wrong. So make sure you follow the videos

‘exact’, for correct exercise form via More buzz below.

#2 Upper butt

– Feet raised quadruped hip extension with ankle weights on
– Kneeling high leg lifts with ankle weights on

With the next two… It’s all about doing exercises that give you increased range of motion.

#3 Back (Fat)

– Side to side bench jumps (And from the push up position)
– Standing lunge > weight plate twist

#4 abs/Torso (A bit of back too)

– Walking/Standing knee to elbow
– Super rep leg raise bicycles with a hold at each 5th rep
– Rotary hold
– One arm side to side kettlebell/dumbbell swings

The reps, sets, frequency and weight lifted, will depend on what your body looks like ‘today’.

It’ll all be different, depending on if you’re ‘becoming S-curvish’ or ‘shredding to smexy’. You’ll be doing one

or the other, during any 1 week or 1 month + time period (Never both at exactly the same time).

We’ll usually learn everything about your body/life, during the first month, if it’s the first time that you’re

starting an S-curve program.

So if you’re a long time newsletter reader, that’s ready to start and finally make a change, then you need to

start on the > $300 results phase.

If your trust levels (Or some other mind block) is holding you back. Then you need to start on the $50

> 21 day S-curve challenge.

If you’re a past member, that’s accessing your old pages and wants to fix the ‘today’ YOU (And not just

re-activate your activity levels). Then you need to go on > stage 4.

Because a lot of what we do today… Will stop you having to ever ‘re-activate’ ever again.

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