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Buzzers… Monday…

Right now… Everyone is doing different things @ life.

Yet.. Almost everyone who will see this newsletter, will be doing something that happens within the S-curve experience… @ life.

I knew this was coming. Which is why we’ve evolved into an overall ‘experience’.

Just look on my profile and all the > social platforms. It’s all evident there too. And one of the things you all will have to do this summer… Is some kind of physical activity.

If you don’t… You’re going to fall off the wagon. Simple as. And it’s much harder to get back on, if you do fall off.

Which is why I personally have never fallen off since starting > this website in 2009. It’s all been flying high for me and for everyone that has been ‘helped’ because of it.

So today… We’re going to do a newsletter topic that hasn’t been done in ages.

That is…

Workout shenanigans…

But not S-curve blueprint tips.

Enter: Effective S-curve bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere during your summer shenanigans and TC/TC2.0 trips.

Calves– 3 step calf raises + Knees bent slightly + Feet pointed inwards > straight > outwards + Super rep on the way down to the floor on each rep.

This is the kinda thing that we do in the tweak weeks module inside the S-curve formula.

It takes the best elements from the proven 121 coaching sessions. And turns them into things you can do on your own, without the 121 coaching.


Tricep push ups + Hands raised on a higher platform (Like a sofa)/Feet on ground, variation.

Almost every woman wants smaller/shredded arms. This is ‘the’ best exercise that you can do with your bodyweight, that will help with that.

The above is actually the easiest variation out of 3 possible variations.

I chose the easiest one, because it’s not about working up a brutal sweat when you’re on the move/out and about.

The goal here… Is to stay ‘effectively’ active.


Kneeling side to side ‘high kick’ leg lefts (Do them slowly).


Laying single leg, leg kicks.

Note: I’ll create a video for these, where I talk to you all in the vid. But only if you reply to talk in the FB Messenger chats. If you don’t care for a video on this day. Then simply enjoy using those exercises above.

It’s the good ‘ish’.

Remember though… 

These are just ingredients. Becoming a member gets you the formula via 121 coaching and your LIVE update member page.

You’ll become a member… So that you can save a sh*t load of time, avoid unnecessary headache… And enjoy TC2.0 and the rest of the S-curve experience. Especially now that summer has officially started.


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