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Buzzers… Wednesday…

As you’ll know… This newsletter, discusses the events that happened the day before. Either offline or online… With everyone that interacts with all things S-curve world.

And yesterday… It was highlighting the body parts that most women who want to become S-curvish… Want to change.

It of course requires a complete formula. Food fixing, mindset fixing, physical activity fixing @ S-curve formula

But since the workouts are the trigger for results. And since we’ll always ‘blueprint tip’ on the newsletter.Let’s list some effective exercises that will target the desired body parts…

#1 Lean arms 

A general rule: High reps + light weight.

– Super rep single arm over head dumbbell tricep extension

– Super rep dumbbell curls

– Tricep push ups

#2 A bigger butt

A general rule: Hip extension exercise variations.

– Super rep clam with a dumbbell

– Side to side leg lifts with ankle weights on (Standing variation, bent forward 45 degrees at the waist)

#3 Visible collar bone + Keep boob shrinkage to a minimum 

We have a module to help keep your boobs from shrinking @ created in 2017, due to too many members boobs shrinking (Ya… Sounds funny. But it’s not. Hehe).

General rule: Keep wide grip or wide range of motion movements to a minimum.

– This one varies. But it can start with the incline bench press, with a light weight.

#4 Smaller thighs General rule: Always focus on hitting your butt + less ‘generic variation’ squats and deadlifts.

– Use medium level weights, on all effective exercises that hit your thighs.

You can’t stop working your thighs. As every body part needs to be hit.

> Single leg squats
> High tension standing lunges


All of the above, is what I tell everyone on day one. When I’m meeting someone for the first time. Or moments before someone becomes a member.

But it really does only start there. It will 100% change once you get into your plan. 

Because the plan changes, based on how your body responds to what you throw at it. And for most of us… That info is unknown.

The workouts though…

Are still the easiest part of the S-curve formula. Because all of the ‘calculating’ happens behind the scenes.

You just need to turn up daily. And do what’s given to you, on your LIVE update member page.

Trending in S-curve world today 

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– > Road rage is still all the rage.

– > Go private on your TC2.0 trips.

That stuff down below…


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