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Buzzers… Sunday…

You know… We’ve pretty much been 100% ‘positivity’ on here from day 1 (2009). And a lot of day 1 FitBuzzers are still here.

They’re still here, because we changed some part of their world. It’s like that guy who broke your virginity (Girls). You just don’t forget it.

Some of them are connected with me too. Not just @fitbuzz.


In the past two years, we’ve become more ‘live’. Showing more of what goes on, daily.

This has lead to more people being active on @ what we’re doing. On my own Facebook… This has lead to more private messages entering my Messenger inbox.

Usually… It’s just messages from FitBuzzers who want to become members.

But sometimes… It’s messages from women, who don’t believe that the results are real @ becoming S-curvish.

The negativity isn’t directed towards ‘us’. Because we’re always hyper positive.

The negativity… Comes from a place of ones own personal experiences. They just haven’t seen anything extraordinary happen to them, outside of their daily norm.

I could of course show them what a fake body looks like, in reply to their non-belief. But we won’t do that. Because > we know what we are.

So instead… I use these conversations as an opportunity to turn these individuals into S-curve members.

As you can see… This would be much more than just achieving physical results. It’s more about changing their mental state. Because once we change that… We change them forever!

That’s when they can survive on their own on > stage 4.

S-curve members Alicia… Yani… And more recently… Mai… (See results pages)

They all were non-believers on day one.

In terms of a Yani and Alicia… They didn’t end up looking like any of the other ladies that you’ll see around @fitbuzz. Instead… They ended up looking like better versions of themselves!

So understand… That all pics/vids posted, are supposed to trigger your emotions.

But when we’re posting… It’s with the intention to get you into the S-curve experience as a whole.

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0


And NOT… To make you feel ‘less than’. Which you figure out, once you get on a 121 chat. Which is why I encourage you to go there, at the end of each newsletter.

No RECAPO break down today. But I’ll leave you with > the archive link.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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