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Summer is on it’s way stayfitbuggers, and I hope you all took action back in those winter posts. If not… shame on you!

Any how, today I’m going to have a good old rant. I’m going to analyze the different challenges both body types face when building muscle, and which body type has it the hardest . Sure, easygainers may turn around and say that hard gainers have it easy because,

  1. It’s easy to get ripped (properly ripped), as the hardgainers ass is already skinny as hell.
  2. They don’t have to watch their diet and can live life as a human dustbin

Fair points! And I used to be in favor of the easy gainer who is trying to get ripped. Now, I’m not exactly choosing sides here, as there are challenges for both parties. But allow me to compare the differences between the two.

High Metabolism (Hardgainer) vs Low Metabolism (Easygainer)

  • Easygainers – Gain weight from doing nothing
  • Hardgainers – Lose weight from doing nothing
  • Hardgainers – Stay in shape but lose muscle mass easily
  • Easygainers – Fall out of shape but build muscle easily

Who has it the easiest?

I say

Advantage Goes To – The Easygainer


Ok, we all know that the only way to train is to train insane… right?

With that being the case, the hard gainer can train insane as much is he wants. But the fact of the matter is that the hardgainers clock is ticking the moment he walks out of the gym. He’s losing muscle mass with every step he takes… even when he’s stationary!

The easy gainer faces the exact same (yet opposite) scenario, yes. As he will be piling on the pounds from being stationary. But the two reasons why the easy gainer has it… easy?

1. They can actually increase their metabolism if they wish

2. If they do start piling on the pounds they can easily fix it. Especially those mesomorph types. Who just happen to lose and gain weight with ease.


The facts

  • Hardgainer – Needs to eat 5-7 times a day to stand a chance at building REAL muscles.
  • Easy gainer – Can eat once or twice per day, and the lucky ones just have to sneeze to build muscle.

Now, we are living in the 21st century and we all know how busy life can be in this day and age. Busy equals less free time, which also means less free time to eat food. PROPER FOOD. Which means keeping up with 5-7 meals a day (365) is damn near impossible unless you actually enjoy every single meal that you guzzle.

That is a challenge within itself for a hardgainer, along with the core challenge of building REAL muscle.

The easy gainer

  1. Can eat less
  2. Can hold those food stores for longer
  3. Only has to worry about building muscle (worrying about losing weight is not an issue if you train insane… which you should be!)

Advantage Goes To – The Easy Gainer


I’ve talked about the impact of having an active sex life and the ability to maintain muscle mass before. The verdict?


We all like both. Having sex and bodybuilding. But as having sex is one big old cardio exercise within itself, it’s easy to see who loses out here.

The Hardgainer

Will do everything they can to keep there muscles intact. But unfortunately, too much sex will not favor that goal. It can and will make you lose weight. A hardgainers initial goal will always be to perform less cardio workouts and more resistance workouts. Sex is more cardio than anything else, so a big 🙁

The Easygainer

Their goal will the opposite. They will want an initial balance of cardio workouts and resistance workouts. We all need both. But the easy gainer wins either way as they are placed firmly in the middle on the muscle mass gauge. Too much cardio will just mean a leaner body. Get too lean? Bulking back up is easy!

Advantage Goes To – The Easygainer

It may seem like I’m in favor for the pitfalls the hardgainer must face. But rest assured… I am not. But surely you can see why I began to favor the hardgainer over the easygainer, when it comes to the debate of who has it easier when it comes to building muscle. I haven’t finished with my ‘rant’ just yet. I WILL BE BACK FOR MORE and cook up some more ‘rant’ stew.

For now… I’ll call it a day.

Use 'buy and try' supplements to boost your results - Use the rules on the link behind this pic

Use ‘buy and try’ supplements to boost your results – Use the rules on the link behind this pic

Enjoy your S-curvish gains...And wear it with gear that compliments  your anterior

Enjoy your S-curvish gains…And wear it with gear that compliments your anterior

See you in the comments.

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