Halloween munchies bite your butt?

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

If so… Then good! Because that’s what the S-curve lifestyle phase is all about @ truly enjoying the major
events that come up in your life.

Yes… The results phase shenanigans will almost always ensure that you’ll be cautious of what you eat and


But you certainly won’t be falling off the wagon ever again. Like I say to everyone who passes through here

or in person…
Those events only last for a short period of time. Just like the upcoming Thanksgiving and
Christmas shenanigans.

The only reason you have excess fat, or unsightly body parts. Is because you regularly slip up. Without

taking any action whatsoever, to fix it. Which takes a lot of time to fix.

Just like the 10 month test that I took, that ended in March this year. The excess fat build up around my torso

took months to kick in.

It built up, because I enjoyed my lifestyle phase moments. Like on > this trip with S-curve members and

their family members (They’re the ones who saw > her change first).

Anyway… If you don’t celebrate Halloween much. Then at least embrace the happy vibes that it creates.

That’s what a > Travel-curvish trip feels like. Yes… That’s a 2-3 week trip for most @ Bora Bora.

Holiday season goodies

In terms of the main S-curve program… You’re simply getting more passive 121 coaching shenanigans with

ME… As a bonus.

I’m doing that… Because…

#1 I know that’s what will give you the right start as we head into a new year.

#2 I KNOW that’s the thing, that causes your results to change the most and stay the most!

This year was a shining example of that. Since most members who started in fall season 2016, stayed active,

into the start of fall season 2017. Most of whom will return via stage 4 at some point.

Physical goodies

There should be some good deals going on via our apparel pages and supplement partners. Namely

Cafepress, > Skreened and the guys who control Instant knockout.

So they’re all there to check out via > Morebuzz when you’re good and ready.

Some blueprint tips

#1 Are you starting your fall ’17/Start of 2018 S-curve shenanigans from today onwards?

If so… Make sure you give yesterday’s newsletter a read. And bookmark it, even if you don’t start. As that’s

what the process will look like for the next 6-8 months.

#2 Have you found some food types that contain a super nutrient set up… But, end up not liking the

taste of?

Then blend it into a shake.

The S-curve meal structure (Via More buzz top links) rules still apply though. So watch ALL of the ingredients

that you add @ we don’t screw this up.

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