Halloween brain fart booty (Save this)

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Buzzers… Tuesday… (Halloween, if that’s your ‘thing’)

Yup… It’s that day. Although most of the partying happened at the weekend.

And there is of course more cosplay outfits to look at, via the @fitbuzz social media feeds on > More buzz.


We’ve recently been focusing a lot on the S-curve experience as a whole. And rightly so. Which you’ll see

reflected, on the social media feeds every single day (Just head to the FB profile below to see it all).

But we’re going to dig a little deeper at the ‘set plan’ that I spoke about yesterday. And walk you through the

first 6 months @ life as an official S-curve member.

Just… Everything that the S-curve formula throws at you. With a strong focus on ‘physical results’. Because

that’s usually the first thing that you’ll want to change, when you decide to become a member.
It starts with that mindset of seeing what you’ll look like, past the first month. Again… You’ll continue on for
the long term if the trust levels are high enough.

And you have no choice to continue, otherwise you won’t see the changes. Seriously. Don’t repeat

this mistake that I’ve seen others make @ stopping for no reason Aka brain fart moment.

Month #1

#1 You’ll answer > these questions.

Once we know everything. Then..

#2 We’ll choose a video workout routine (And tweak it if needed).

You’ll get your LIVE update member page. And that’s where the tweaks will be posted. As we change things,

based on…

– How your body responds to the exercises
– The events that happen in your daily life

@ important.

#3 You’ll get a Tailored Daily Exercise video. This is where we choose 3-4 exercises that target your most

desirable body parts.

– That’s how we speed up results
– That’s the video you’ll turn to when times get hard… When you can’t do full workouts for whatever reason.

This will be done first thing in the morning or before bed.

#4 You’ll follow one of > these S-curve meal structures.

– Get used to the structure for the first month.
– And eat until you feel content. @ every meal.

#5 Nothing is skipped!

#6 You’re almost guaranteed 100%, to see noticeable results! And we know it’s not BS results. Because…

A) You didn’t under eat (Which does more harm than good… Especially if you try to do that long term @ crazy).

B) All you did… Was what you’re supposed to do in everyday life. Which means you’re not overly skinny or fat.

Just a better version of yourself. Since the workouts triggered a positive change in your muscles.
Life after noticeable results

I) We start to use the tweak weeks workout modules.

These contain the fixes that most people who have come before you, have experienced. Like, butt and boob


II) We might start counting grams or calories. Especially if you have reached 60% S-curvish and beyond.

III) We’ll start embracing nutrition focused only weekends.

IV) TGIF cheat nights can resume.

V) Strength and exercise progression will take place. It usually takes 3-4 months to see a big change in this

area. We even recorded the whole process between > Aug – November 2016.
Your official routines will of course change along the way.

VI) We’ll start varying meal types and fully embracing the official food types list, that I talked about


I highlighted that sentence, because that’s where you’ll spend most of your time, long after the first 6 months!

VII) Travel-curvish (Bora Bora) + 2.0 (US:Florida, EU: Santorini) and gradually placing these S-curve formula shenanigans into your daily life. It’ll be different for everyone!


There’s a lot more details involved @ every step of the way of course. But that’s what it looks like. So just ask

about anything that you see above.

Reply, add, follow, message and all that good stuff…


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