Halloween binge eating – How to get fit from it

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Halloween binge eating? And ‘Hey’… Because that’s what people DM you, when they want your attention. But want you to lead

the charge of the conversation.

But instead… I will ‘hey’ YOU. And I will lead the charge. So let’s get into it.

Buzzers… Tuesday…


Yup… Yesterday was the first day of the month, first week of the month. On the first Monday of the month.

The vibe has officially changed. And the build up to fall season shenanigans… Has officially begun.

I’ll be getting right into the Halloween mood this week. With the release of Venom, the movie.

It’s the final Marvel movie of the year. With one of my fave characters of all time.

Today… I am of course talking about Halloween.

It’s my favorite time of the year when dealing with S-curve members.


Because… You get to learn how to benefit from the inevitable binge cheating that will occur.

Yup… You are encouraged to stuff your face, with ALL food types. That’s the lifestyle part of this experience. Which is why the prepaid option is based on a 6 month Lifestyle Phase for this time of year.

That… Will remain open to you. Until the season changes at the start of 2019.

But today. I’m going to kick start the Halloween season fun with…

Enter: > Hallow-curvish

So what’s the deal?

Do one month of that Prepaid option… Working directly with me, up until 31st October (With a focus on nutrition coaching) @ $100.

We’ll continue on for free, up until Thanksgiving (November 22nd).

This is more education and fun focused, than results focused.

I’m talking cheat snack ‘chatter’. Halloween picture reposts to our social pages (Like what you see on the hallow-curvish page above). And of course… Solid S-curve formula teachings.

And during this time. I’ll be sharing as much halloween related S-curve experience stuff as possible.

Via our members, associates, Amazon, or wherever else. Even offline pics and vids from my own shenanigans.

It all starts today. So the longer you wait. The less time you’ll have for us to start playing with this ish.

To conclude

If you don’t like Halloween. Then stick to the script that we started writing in September.

But if you’re in for some fun. With unlimited coaching/chats and member page updates. Then it’s all about Hallow-curvish.

Because it’s unlimited and with 3 weeks for free, after Halloween. It means that it’s first come first serve.


One thing that you would have heard throughout your life. Is that your body starts falling apart after 30 years old.

This is true… Only if you don’t keep your muscle fibers active.

If you keep them active. You’ll keep your 18 year old body. Long after 30 years old.

In fact… By staying active. You’ll build lean mature muscle (Which takes time). So you’ll most likely look better with time.

That’s one of the big goals of Stage 3 and 4 over on More buzz.

But for this to work. 121 coaching must happen. Because without that entity in your corner and in your head. You’re just going to fall off and turn into a stubborn bitter adult.

Which is what happens to most people. So our job here. Is to not let that happen… Or continue happening…. To you!

What’s trending?

– > Lean bean – Because they’re basically an S-curve member partner now. They even wrote that article. So they understand ‘Tis the S-curve experience’.

It’s an ingredient focused supplement that go-getters should at least try once. Or established/successful Stage 3/4 members should try… In order to assist in boosting results. Since 70-100% S-curvish results are much harder to come by. Especially without help.

Most people ‘get it’ straight away. And for those who don’t. They do so… After following for 1-3 months.

– > Poco phone – Because I meet some people who don’t use smart phones… Yup. But you’ll need one, if you become an S-curve member.

And today… The smart phone scene is hyper competitive. Which means that the value given at the lower end, has increased. Which means that the device side of things, doesn’t need to be an expensive investment.

You can just use more cash on Stage 3 or TC2.0 trips. Where the value received there… Lasts a life time @ knowledge and experiences.

– Coming up for air > looks like.

– Cycling for > S-curve HIIT cardio.

– We are > beasting for Halloween trick or treating.


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