Goodbye stage 1 (Butt too…)

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We have to re-emphasis > this design again, more so than ever before. Because of the ‘excessive’ fake body parts flying around. That are hard to miss… Being an indivdual that is interested in improving their image @ YOU.
Remember what I said at the end of yesterday’s newsletter?
To make women here (And the close people in your lives) look and feel like the best version of themselves!
Well… That’s another important reason for the S-curve formula to be out in the world. To prevent you from going the ‘fake route’.
The butt – Absolutely no need! The boobs – Would be understandable if you did enhance ’em. But we’ve started to solve that problem this year too @ #savetheboobs you were born with.
So yea… You can wear that design. And no one can tell you s***. Because everything that they can see… Is all YOU!
Second @ today’s headline
We might be getting rid of stage 1 (As it currently stands) on > Morebuzz.
Well… The reason it came into existence… Was to give you an individual overview of what YOU need to do, to succeed with your physical goals, on your own.
But… The current day newsletters kinda do that already. At which point, most people jump into the main program.
Also…A lot of you already know that…
#1 You’re going to start…. Since the newsletters now have you immersed in the now, S-curve experience.
#2 It’s more that just the butt (Mental, lifestyle fixes… Again… The S-curve experience).
So we might just cut it down to 3 stages.
Yesterday… I explained what starts to happen, after the noticeable results stage. And it’s been a while since I explained what happens on the two stages after that. Let’s go…
Stage 3
This is the official intro to the results and lifestyle phases.
Results – Is super important, as explained in yesterdays newsletter.
Lifestyle – This is where you can ‘chill’ a little more and move along at a casual pace @ 60-70% S-curvish.
And it doesn’t need to be about physical results ONLY… Either.
Some members are on this phase, simply to keep them in the lifestyle. Because they know that their life will become s*** again, as it was before they officially started.
Stage 4
Is really for members who look 80% S-curvish and above.
If you’re a member from around 2013-15. Then YOU… Should jump on stage 3.
When on both of these stages… It’s the LIVE update member page and 121 coaching shenanigans that’ll fix you.
Every single person that has started and won… Has done exactly that!
So when you start… That’s what you will do too.
I’ve updated all of the daily updates on More buzz today. So check them out @ this is what the S-curve experience looks like. And add below.


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