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Buzzers… Sunday… Good to great. So… > Stage 1 started trending this week.
But as you’ve seen. It just gets your foot in the door, as an S-curve member
But we have to make sure that you start there and NOT finish there!
Because if you start. You need to start with the intention to get great results. Not just good results. Even if you’re going to get there at a slower pace, via the Lifestyle Phase.
That’s why > Stage 3 and > pre-paid is getting thrown in your face as a priority.
Because the sh*t just works. It’s been responsible for all the results that you’ve seen over the years. Most of which… Is mindset and lifestyle fixing.
That’s the hard work. And not nutrition and workouts. Because that’s proven science. It works every time. Regardless of who starts.
Anyway… As promised.

Actionable reminder Blueprint tips 

#1 Make it a habit to add new foods to your shopping list/Try new foods on the menu when eating out.


– Because the long term fun… Exists in the ‘eating’.
– You’ll have a more varied nutrient intake… Which = Boosted results @ naturally occurring (Seriously though…).

#2 No fruit 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#3 Only a small amount of mono/poly fats to enter your guts, 1-2 hours before you sleep.

#4 To eat ALL nutrient types for breakfast (Because your body now has less of all, due to sleeping for 6-8 hours).

#5 Start Monday’s workout with an effective exercise that you suck at. And do that every time, for a short while.

#6 Change that exercise variation, to something more difficult, once that becomes easy (We get specific with this @ strength and exercise progression module, as a member).


Bananas – Makes you feel full.

Raisins – Small, easy to carry around… And sweet enough, so that you won’t want to binge on them. And even if you do… They’re small @ low calorie intake.Pineapple – So sweet, that you won’t want to eat more.

Those are examples of each type of ideal cheat snack. So as per S-curve formula rules… Feel free to choose your own.
#8 Calorie counting only needs to happen, once you reach 60-70% S-curvish. And/Or… You want to succeed beyond that level.
#9 Use post notifications on and on our social media profiles.
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