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'Come up for air' moments with your dog @miss__heather_jo

‘Come up for air’ moments with your dog @miss__heather_jo

Sooo… You now know that the Tues/Thurs/Sun newsletters are now viewable on this website. 3 x a week.
And because of that… They’re now a little better too. Since we have more room to play around with on there.
But for those of you who TRULY want to be helped.
More info isn’t want you need.
And ‘more’… Has been proven NOT to help you much either.
Want to know what has made folks in S-curve world succeed, more than anything else?
It’s one on one help. And A LOT of it!
And I’ll tell you why it works so well.
It works… Because you become what you think about and communicate with the most.
A bit like that 5 friends rule @ you become the 5 people that you hang with the most.
Most of you who seek help. Currently have a real problem on your hands. It could be anything (Mostly related to body, mindset and lifestyle).
And what tends to happen with 121 help. Is that we end up creating a super strong bond.
And because of today’s tech… There’s many ways that we can make ‘communication’ happen.
The offline and online experience can nearly be one of the same thing ‘today’.
This is what has also created the thing that we look forward to the most.
Which is taking Travel 2.0 trips… With those you became S-curvish with.
Which is usually…
1. You… Deciding to get 121 help
2. You… Getting your folks involved. Mostly because they became intrigued with the changes that they started to see in you.
3. All of that happiness and success, resulting in a trip.
So today. If you are reading this. And want true help. 121 is what you need to do.
The reason why you see and consume these newsletters. Is to stay informed. As all events are LIVE and in the moment.
And to get educated on all that’s on offer within S-curve world and how things work… How they’ve worked for others.
At which point… You now have some trusting reference points to jump in with. Without having your defences up.
But one thing you must do. Once you go 121. Is to not stop consuming the daily posts or newsletters. As that’s a part of the S-curve formula to fixing you.
So stay subscribed to everything. As you are now a part of what has become the S-curve platform (Aka play ground).
And like we said in this newsletter.
Because we are a platform. There’s different things that you could be subscribed to.
Like > regular supplement orders.
Or stuff you see on the > items page
'Come up for air' S-curve workout moments @victoria_ifbb

‘Come up for air’ S-curve workout moments @victoria_ifbb

Poolside bikini-curvish moments @thalitanascimento_

Poolside bikini-curvish moments @thalitanascimento_


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