Going deeper again… The age of ‘access’ (Over ownership)

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So… A lot of you have started replying and asking for help.
Which is good. Because it shows you’re not fu*king around and are ready to get serious.
One challenge that we are overcoming. Is communicating with you in your language. If English isn’t the 1st.
Namely French, Spanish and Portuguese.
The upside to that. Is that we get to cut the crap and get right to the point @ creating solutions to your problems.
Which brings me to the next point.

Motivation… Tips…

None of that stuff really helps you, if you’re after real change in your life.
What you need… Is 121 help. With someone that’s been where you want to go.
On the fitness (Becoming S-curvish) side of things. That would be me. As I still lead the charge in 121 coaching chats.
And… Because I have the most ‘hands on’ history, @ everything that’s happened within S-curve world.
There are now a lot of you present, within S-curve world. From all around the world.
The S-curve program has been structured to manage you, at whatever level you’re at. Physically, mentally and financially (What you can pay to start).
'Coming up for air' for an S-curve #workout + #fashion is a 'thing' @vitoriagomes
‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve #workout + #fashion is a ‘thing’ @vitoriagomes

Going deeper… To start…

Knowing what to do to start. Is the main reason why there’s such a strong focus on 121 coaching chats.
All the successful people you’ve seen here. Didn’t know what to do, before they started.
Which is why they kept on failing. Prior to starting with us. But once we went 121. Things changed fast!
We’re talking, people who kept following broken formulas for years.
Or were too stubborn or stuck in a rut to seek help.
So keep on replying. And what we start with you, is what will lead you on a winning path. With whatever issues you have.

It’s our goal… To change as many of you as possible.

– Get you living the S-curve Xperience… The way you see it being living, via our social media pages.
– Taking pics/vids of it all.
– Us reposting it for free. And for some of you… Giving you more exposure and boosting your personal earnings.
Especially if you’re into living the S-curve Xperience to the max.
So do me a favor right now and reply with what’s on your mind.
Because you’re here for a reason. And we need to know what that is. So that your time here is better spent.

The age of ‘access’ (Over ownership)

I recently watched the Google Stadia conference. As a part of this years E3 show in Los Angeles.
And watching it… Reminded me again. Of how it applies to how we’re living, within the S-curve Xperience.
A world where we can work, workout and live… Anywhere we like. At any given time.
Of course… Not 100% of the time. But the option is very open for us to take advantage of.
And in terms of Google Stadia. It means being able to play the latest console games. Via a smart phone, laptop or tablet.
Some stats from the conference…
I talked about this in recent newsletters too.

So… To conclude…

I personally want you to be a part of all this. Because being so… Will indeed help fix whatever issues you’re facing right now.
To recap… @ your options 
Becoming S-curvish 
The supplements/food rules 
The items to buy for use within the S-curve Xperience 
The partner program/Buzzcoin 
As usual… It’s best to 121 chat… Once you decide to spend money in those areas. So do that!
Note: Now that the internet has finally started to peak and hit world wide mass adoption.
One of things that I see, that people want, when they meet me. Is wanting to live and earn in the world that you see described above.
Ideally… These folks should have started years ago.
But hey… Most people like to wait until things are ‘safe’ before they jump in.
But more often than not. The ‘easy’ opportunity has disappeared by then.
However… It’s not too late. As this world evolves fast.
So if you get into the partner program, being shared for free and Buzzcoin. You can and will start to win.
You just need to stay in the game. Which will allow you to keep up. And you WILL need to keep up!
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