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A brief subway ride away from Manhattan has helped to make Brooklyn, New York one of the more desirable places to live, especially as housing upgrades continue to be made in the borough. These upgrades have also increased housing costs in Brooklyn. Upgrades are also increasing other costs in the borough, including the price of a good personal trainer in Brooklyn.

For the physical fitness conscious, finding a good personal trainer in Brooklyn is a regular lifestyle expense. Considering the fact that some personal trainers charge $100 or more a session, these costs can have a significant impact on a New York lifestyle. It’s something to give careful thought to. After all, Huffington Post reports that, “New York City is home to three of the top five areas in the country with the highest cost of living, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research. Manhattan has the highest cost of living, followed by Brooklyn.”

To get the best results for your money when working with a personal trainer in Brooklyn, make sure that you choose a personal trainer who has the skills — this includes communication and fitness training skills — to keep you accountable and motivated to reach your fitness goals. As chronicled in The Doings Weekly, “When you exercise on your own, it can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated and stick to your workout plan.” Furthermore, “A personal trainer will make sure that you are motivated and accountable for all of your fitness goals, both small and large. With the discipline provided by a personal trainer, you may find that you are motivated to reach a level of fitness that you had never dreamed of before.”

The more experience and the larger skill set a personal trainer in Brooklyn has the better. A broader skill set gives a trainer the tools to alter your training regimens, keeping you from reaching physical fitness plateaus. This is good because once you reach a physical fitness plateau, you could continue exercising only to see that you’ve stopped dropping pounds or that you have stopped getting more toned.

Fitness specialty areas you may want a personal trainer to have include traditional boxing, kickboxing, ¬†yoga, crossfit and strength training. Some personal trainers also specialize in massage, muscular definition, pilates and muscle gain. A difference between muscle definition and muscle gain is that with muscle definition, you add more muscle to your body, reducing the amount of fat you’re carrying.

With muscle definition, your body looks more toned. Body builders aim to achieve significant amounts of muscle definition. However, you don’t have to look like a body builder to add more definition to your muscles. In fact, muscle definition could give you the six-pack you’ve always wanted.

Save yourself the time and money when looking for a good personal trainer in Brooklyn. Search for certified trainers that are listed with fitness organizations like GetFYT. You could save up to 50% off the normal session rates certified trainers in Brooklyn and surrounding areas charge. If you’re already working with a trainer, you could also continue to work with the trainer at reduced rates.

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