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Buzzers… Tuesday…

As usual…. The newsletter is based on the events that happen the day before. The good and the bad.

The following isn’t bad as such (It’s almost always good). But it is stuff that happened (Very rarely).

So let’s get into it.

Firm but fair.. Cruel to be kind…

In terms of coaching and moving you along. That’s exactly what I am. Always have been. Which is why I’m still an ‘avatar’ that makes the coaching stuff happen within the S-curve formula.

Upsells, downsells, whatever ‘sells’… @ Old school internet jargon

Yes… We’re using the internet to conduct business operations. But nah… We don’t talk like that around ‘ere I’m afraid.

We are in the social media era now. Where we talk as if we are talking face to face (At least we do in S-curve world).

So if your butt is old, still living in an old world. Then you better go back to that non-existent place.

Which also means… If you aren’t going to communicate like a real human being. Or won’t even jump on a call, podcast, text chat or anything that brings us closer to real convo.

Once again… Denial of entry is what you’re facing (Email replies are still OK… Although it happens  a lot less now).


It’s mostly fun and games here. And always is for the majority of us. That’s the S-curve experience.

But… We are dealing with some new faces entering our world. Sooo… It’s only right that everyone gets educated on how we do things here.

Because how we do things here, is how we win and will keep on winning.

Not just @ becoming S-curvish. But in regards to all of the mental and lifestyle fixes that come with that.

Ok… All cleared up? Yea? Good.

Don’t even bother try any ‘hide behind screen’ nonsense. It won’t work in this day and age. Your a55 will get exposed to all who can see here. Usually backed up by a supporting army who have zero tolerance for such behaviour @ welcome to the social media era :P.

More blueprint tips

#1 > Travel-curvish 2.0 – You’re going to see it even more this year via our social media channels.

I can’t predict what mine will look like right now. But to make yours look better than ever, in your new

S-curvish bod… Is the key.

Seriously… A lot of these locations are simply just… (‘Perfect’ hand gesture emoji goes here).

And pics/vids, that are taken in these locations are super priceless. That’s our big end game here.

Which is why we want folks to stop fooling around, wasting time and to just jump into a 6-12 month process as quick as possible (Ya… We’re constantly do things to boost the trust factor levels, quicker).

And remember… If you look like s*** right now. And you’re over the age of 25. It becomes harder and harder to reverse the natural ageing process. With each passing day.

I was speaking to the gym Fitbuzzers/S-curve members about this yesterday (The gym that you’ve

seen in most of the LIVE recordings in the past 2 years).

The big take-away from that conversation. Is that we all what to cheat snack, TGIF cheat night and eat whatever the fudge we want on TC2.0 trips.

And you can do that… As long as you are living S-curvishly.

That right there, is why more people start as members. In person and online. Because we are not A-rated food ‘only’ health freaks. We live life. We’re more ‘chilled’.

Conclusion to blueprint tip

That wasn’t even a real blueprint tip. I just wrote it out LIVE and in the moment.


#1 As usual… Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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