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Buzzers… > FUD-day is no more @ 2018 tees…

Refreshed I am. So let’s get into it.

There has been a lot of S-curve formula updates flying around in the past few months. The main reason why…

Is to find the right solution for YOU.

In short… To kill the elephant in the room. Which is…

Almost no one is going to start a stage 3, 6-18 month plan on day 1.

Yes… It is what you need. But no one is doing that.

The same way that I wasn’t going to buy a property on day 1… On > that day when I went out to a FitBuzzers property event.

So today… I think it’s time that we broke down the options that are now available to you.

> The new stage 1

– We’re going to give you the protocol S-curve meal structure. Based on the time of day you workout.

– One example workout video from an official routine (Out of the 15 that we have) that will help with your current goal/fix (The starting point of noticeable results).

– Still no coaching and no tailoring. You simply apply what’s given and get ‘into the game’ on your own, using the member page that you now get from day 1! (You can still get occasional support for your stage 1 info though).

Update blurb: The $9.99 stage 1 got you in the door… Yes. But the value provided was just too low because
of that.
Zero value = You will not use.
So the new stage 1 should encourage you to start winning on your own. And/or… To motivate you to move on
to stage 2.
With this… You get a LITE version of stage 3.

– One 121 coaching check-in session a week.

– A full S-curve video+ text routine to do for a month.

– A TDE video for the month.

– Lasts 4-6 weeks.

Update blurb: Everyone understands that going long term, is one of the core elements of winning. Yet…
– Some people aren’t ready to jump in, yet.
– Are quite busy @ life.
– Or simply don’t want to worry about ‘another’ long term payment leaving their account every month.
There were a few who jumped on this plan in 2017. So… We’ve made this official. By making that, the new
stage 2!
I’m mentioning this, right after the new stage 2. Since it’s what you would do next. Especially at this time of year.
Exp #3… Is exactly the same. It’s just set for auto payments. You’re doing this… Because you’re more serious
about winning. And your intention is to be on this for 3-6 months.
This exists, if you’re a Fitbuzzer that has been following. And just ‘wants in’ on what you’re reading and seeing.
Just… The complete foundation for 4-6 weeks.
You might continue longer term. You might not. But at least you know ‘what’s up’. At which point… The ball is in your court. YOU throw the shots… On how you want to play this!
If you end up liking what happens on experiement #1. Then this is what you’ll do next, for the next 3 months.
@ simple next step.


All of the experiments, came about, because of the various plans that S-curve members ended up on, in 2017.
So it’s obviously what some people wanted. Which means you want some variation of this too, if you’re after
the results that you’re seeing here.
The new stage 1, is a brand new update though. And had to change to that, as no one did anything with the
old one.
So here we are.
As always… It’s best to message first before starting. As your situation is probably unique to you. So do that!


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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