Forget About Building Muscle For A Day. Just Live!

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I have previously talked about the importance of managing your time and why you need to focus on mental health for fitness. But I haven’t actually talked about the things that you should be doing with this time. No matter which career path you are following, what your goals are, or how much you want to build that body that you deserve, it is important to spend some time doing ‘everyday life’ activities.

I also know how some of you structure your time and how different that is for each of you.

But again, no matter what it is you do for a living, these are some of the ‘essential’ things that you should take some time out to do

Play Some Football

Football, Tennis, Soccer or what ever sport it is you became affiliated with as a kid. And I don’t mean Pro evolution soccer or Madden for all those hardcore gamers out there (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii).

Get out and taste the dirt. This is very important in today’s information driven world where every one lives behind a computer screen… and yes, the iphone and blackberry’s are computers too, so put those away for a day.

This is not so much about fitness, but more about human bonding. After all, humans are built to make relationships and not be isolated like robots.

Family Time

Create some family time when you get those odd few days off. Not always easy to do, but to keep the bond strong, here are some things you should do.


This is great for almost any occasion, but these days it seems to happen less within families. I think it is safe to blame the Internet again for that. So try and bring the family to the table.


A board game. If you see your family regularly, play the game slow, stop and continue the game when you see them again.


Your kid or younger sibling home from school once in a while. Or drive them. The most important thing is to talk. You can then return to work feeling much better knowing that you done some good natural giving.


Yourself with one of the younger siblings. Speak well of others in the family and create unity by using words like ‘we’ and ‘our’ in your conversations. When they grow up you will be remembered for it.

Beach Camping

Yoga is great for relaxing your mind and gaining self-awareness by being away from the busy life, but it is still exercise, so lets get practical.

I am a huge fan of ‘buying experiences’ over material gain and the beach camp is one of the reasons why that has become.


  • Lay on the beach
  • Watch the sun set
  • Take a evening/ late night dip
  • A Slow walk down the beach
  • Listen to the calm waves

Now I know it is not possible to jump to Paradise Island every other month of the year, but the beach camp is a great substitute. And the main reason is because…

You won’t have to break your pocket and spend thousands of pounds every time you do it!

Just make sure you choose a location that isn’t jam packed with people that looks like Walmart threw up on the shore. Have a look around and find your own piece of coastline, you will thank your self for it.

Romantic Weekend

Again, regardless of what your profession is, male or female, not having enough quality time together is a key reason people become distant and break up. Break the weekly mold and plan a romantic weekend. Act crazy and have stupendous fun. That will keep the fire burning and the good memories fresh.

A few tips

  • Start with a few short trips away
  • Talk about what you both want from those trips
  • Talk about your ideal trips away
  • Go solo at times when away
  • And don’t forget to steam up the hotel room 🙂

I will cover a few other things that I think are important activities to do as a part of maintaining overall fitness (on non weightlifting workout days), but for now, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

See you in the comments.

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