Forget About Bodybuilding, Be A Wrestler

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Oh, So I didn’t give you my shock body talk today like I said I ‘might’. Besides, I’m just practicing what I preach… by changing up my routine. 🙂

We all want to find ways of overcoming obstacles throughout our mucle building endevours and I try my best to provide what I can towards the bodybuilding world. But one way that you could do this, is by becoming a Wrestler.

Now why on earth would I want to do that? Those guys aren’t even for real!

Well, take note of the following and let’s see if I can change your mind.

Why a wrestler?

You’ll Be The Fittest Athlete Of All Sports

I’ve previously talked the importance of balancing a cardio/ resistance workout for optimum fitness in posts such as this. But you won’t have to focus on any of that if you become a Wrestler. One typical wrestling match/ practice will work on cardio, strength, endurance and agility all at the same time in just one session. You will be,

  • Aerobically fit
  • Fully conditioned
  • Have cat-like precision
  • Have explosive power

And will be using explosive movements every 6-10 seconds through out the entire match.

High Intensity Training… whats that again?

Burn More Fat Quicker And Keep It Off

It takes ten hours of aerobic activity to burn 1 pound of fat. That’s like 10 workouts (2.5 weeks). That’s just too long for my liking. Once you become a Wrestler and start training like one, you will burn more calories in less time. In addition, intense training increases your metabolism and calorie burn long after your workout is done.

The College Admissions Officer Test

These guys have nothing to do with bodybuilding, but the two questions that they ask candidates are the same two questions which will determine if you really have what it takes to build real muscle.

  1. Can you do the work?
  2. Are you capable of the dedication needed to graduate?

If the answer is no to either of those questions, then you are not a worthy reader of, let alone trying to become a Wrestler. The sport of wrestling is an ”individual” snapshot of your discipline and willingness to dedicate yourself to something over an extended period of time. Stick to it and you will succeed in more ways than one.

You Don’t Have To Become ‘Great’

To succeed in most things, you often have to become ‘great’ at what ever it is you do.

It has been noted in various sources that it takes around 10,000 hours of work and practice at something until you truly become ‘great’ at it. That’s how long it took Bill Gates anyway. But the good thing about wrestling is that you will have to work hard, but you don’t necessarily have to become great at it. You just have to wrestle… and wrestling can be fun.

Fake Is Safe

People can knock wrestling all they want for it’s fakeness. But the fact is, wrestling is the best non-violent self-defense training you’ll ever get!


Standing up and presenting things will give you butterflies…

Standing up and presenting on a stage will give you butterflies…

Performing on TV, making fake actions look real and getting everyone to love you at the same time…

That will give you…. Well, once you manage to do that you will have conquered

  • Fear
  • Confidence
  • Attitude

All are behaviors which can only be learned, but which most will fail to conquer.

It’s quite obvious that most of you won’t become wrestlers, it’s just not going to happen. However, you could still train like one and take it up as a sport. That is a guaranteed fun and excisting way to build muscle, which will definitly starve your bordem and help you stay motivated.

Have you wrestled before?

see you in the comments

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