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‘Fudge’… Is our ‘F word’ ūüėõ

Buzzers… Wednesday…It’s another day in S-curve world. And you should definitely be enjoying yourself, if you’re following on FB, Instagram, Tumblr or YouTube.

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Offline… I’m back to a solid routine. Now that I’m out of TC2.0 mode.

> Wake up
> Watch a TV show or Youtube¬†videos (All online… It’s the new ‘TV’ and has been for a while)
> Hit the roof top pool (Read, relax or swim)
> Gym
> Prepare for the day
> Or gym after (Depends how I feel on the day)

And of course… I’ve structured the¬†S-curve formula¬†into my daily routine. It’s been the same for the past 2 years now. Because it just works.

But now that I’m fully re-embraced @¬†managing all things in S-curve world. The new members that are starting,¬†are quickly realising that nutrition is where we’ll be spending most of our time.

So today… I’m going to share some S-curve reminder blueprint tips, in regards to nutrition.

Let’s get into it…

#1 Calorie counting 

It doesn’t exist in S-curve world. At least until your goal is to reach 90-100% S-curvish (It’s very robotic, time consuming and unnecessary)

For the most part… You only ever need to focus on the food types that enter your guts. And the time of day that it happens.

If you’re a member. You don’t need to focus on that at all. Since you’re ‘given’ exactly what to do and when.

The reason why it’s given… Is so that you can start happily embracing the fun parts of the¬†S-curve¬†experience. And of course… To make your life a lot more simpler.

Once the habit building tactic sets in @ knowing about food types/timing. Then you are forever fixed.

And then… You can start taking that knowledge to the¬†> restaurant food menu. And start having fun with it all @ this quote…

The S-curve meal structure doesn’t know all the foods in existence. And it’s not supposed to. It just puts¬†any food source that’s found… Into the S-curve meal structure. And to then… Let it do it’s magic.

This means… Than you can eat S-curvishly and cheat snack at the same time, when eating out. Especially when on TC2.0 trips.

#2 Total daily fat intake 

Not following the S-curve formula = 100 grams + daily (And more saturated fat).

Following the¬†S-curve formula¬†= 40-50 grams daily (Almost all mono/poly fats… Other than on cheat snack weekends).

This is the one part of the¬†S-curve formula¬†rules… That is probably screwing you up the most @ not following.

Most people have this rule all fudged up. Like eating fruit before they sleep. Or worse… Dark chocolate.

The key to making this part of the formula work… Is consistency. Which will 100% happen, as long as you’re active on 121 coaching chats. A¬†Results¬†or¬†Lifestyle Phase.

Which you now know… Can be ‘switched’ on the fly @¬†> Pay as you go model 2018.


Like I said before. The¬†S-curve formula¬†won’t ever change. Because it’s proven itself over and over and over again (It’ll just improve).

What will change… Is how it’s delivered to you.¬†Only time will tell @ what that looks like in the future.

Right now… It’s the ‘Pay as you go’. And what I said in¬†> yesterday’s newsletter.


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