Fixing your life… The real one and the fake one

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Buzzers… Monday…

Weekend over. New week…

Let’s begin… (Fixing your life)

You know… Since the entire world has jumped onto the internet now. And since FB/Instagram stories have become a popular format for publishing stuff.

It means that you can see what real life looks like, for those who are active (Not a tailored newsfeed… Where people post, what they want you to see ‘only’).

– Some people still live in a fantasy world… Posting a life that they wish they were living.
– Some people are living their truth.

And for some… Living their truth, is a part or their message. Wether they’re just being an authentic everyday human being. Or if it’s how they conduct business.

Like us.

Because the S-curve experience, is an improved version of your current day life.

It doesn’t matter who you are either.

Getting fixed, is ‘getting fixed’.

Because I also work along side people who travel the world. Constantly and consistently (A lifestyle that many seem to want).

Yet… Their lives are far from perfect.

– They work too much
– They never see their spouse
– They rarely get to wake up in their own bed (This is more important than you may think… If you’re one of those who is after that travel life).

Remember boutine from Saturdays newsletter?

Well… Like I said in boutine. You’ll become too fat or too skinny. And that is indeed happening with these folks (Along with declining health).

And for the most part. That is what we’re here to fix.

Your mind and your lifestyle. 

It just happens… That a great looking ‘S-curvish’ body comes as a bonus, with that fix.

To conclude

That is the overall ‘business’ in S-curve world today. To fix certain s*** that is currently broken in your life ‘today’.

So expect to see more LIVE and in the moment stuff… Published to the stories feature, on the @fitbuzz social media accounts.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > This thing for your feet.

– > ‘Coming up for air’ (Check the others on the current Pinterest feed too, via Morebuzz).

– Any kind of > boxing for S-curve HIIT cardio.

– > Instant Knockout @ being eyed up by the guys and gals. Just remember… Wether it’s food or supplements. The focus should alway be on the ingredients.

If the ingredients are high-end (Nutrient rich) or fit into the S-curve meal structure via More buzz. Then… You try. If it’s good… You buy… Over and over again.

S-curve formula program of the moment: The interval phase

Blueprint tips

Let’s have some more… Since we just started #1 @ above.

#2 Your weakest looking body part…

Hit it every single day… With an effective exercise.

The easiest way to do this… Is via a Tailored Daily Exercise video… Which we change every 4-6 weeks on your LIVE update member page.

#3 ‘Safe’ ‘tasty’ night time foods

– Spicy fish
– Casein (See side bar on Stayfitbug(dot)com)
– Fresh veggies

Ya… This list isn’t going to be long. But the rules =

> Anything that is high in mono/poly fats (Zero saturated).

> Has a high number of amino acids present @ protein.

– Fibrous carbs are usually OK. Since they are very low in calories.

FB stories > Messenger. See you there.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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