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Weekend… I’m sure you enjoyed. I know S-curve members did, after the high note that we ended on

@ > Fridays newsletter.

For me, it was about the big screen movies again @ Fast and Furious 8. The next one will be Guardians

of the Galaxy 2, about one week from now.


The theme of this week, will be how we ended last week. That is…

To encourage you to talk about your imperfect butt life. Your stories will be told once we eventually fix you.

As that’ll help more people come out of the closest.

Which leads to fixing more and more people. And of course, your faces and full names are blanked out of

convo screenshots and progress pics.

Just remember… The fixing of ‘one person’, impacts at least 20-100 people indirectly, through that persons

network and daily interaction with strangers.

That’s exactly what happened with > these ladies.

And since we’re talking about ‘live’ pages. Just watch a few of those above, to get a vibe of what your

videos will be like, as a new member.

In fact…. When you watch those, you’ll hear a lot of tweaks happening, during the entire workout.

I know that’s what ‘triggered’ those members rapid results. And that’s the main theme of the current

workout routine that’s coming.

It’s completely goal related. So you probably won’t get put on that, as a > 21 day challenge/gold member

(Yup… 2 weeks is the record, held by > this lady. So now… We’re setting it at 21 days).

But you will… At some point on your 6-18 month program. Because you will need it at some point in your

life. I can guarantee it.

So if you’re about to officially start. Then it’s a 21 day challenge/gold program for you… First.

Blue print tips time…The new S-curve short splits routine will give you all of the possible tweaks that you could add to each

of the workouts.

The overall goal of that routine, is of course to become S-curvish. Aka epic butt/tiny waist. We actually have

a routine that is called exactly ‘that’.

The difference with the short splits, is that you’ll have ability to achieve that goal, when you have less time

on your hands.

Anyway… I’m going to give you one of the new workouts (text only) from the routine.

#1 Standing dumbbell bicep curls

> Super reps
> Medium weights for 7-10 days (You’ll learn why, when the full program comes)
> Drop sets, but ‘not’ till failure

#2 Single arm dumbbell tricep extensions

> Super reps
> Change angle of the hold

#3 Lateral raises

> Drop sets, but not till failure

#4 Standing knee to elbow walks

> Ankle weights
> Running variation

The reason why there’ll be a full list of tweaks (The above is the short version)… Is so that we can

easily tailor your routines on the long term program.

Remember… It’s now ‘live’ tailoring. Because that’s how actual workouts play out when you do them.

Like I said last week… You probably won’t get put on this routine on your first month. But you’ll definitely do

it some time after that. And because it’s actually kinda brutal. Ha. In a good way though.


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