Five Effective Ways To Gain Muscle for Slender Men

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Many slim men have the notion that it is difficult and almost impossible to increase muscle mass. This is far from the truth because, with correct and tailored programs, anyone can increase their muscle weight. Eating the right foods in the proper proportions, doing the correct workouts, and ensuring adequate recovery can help slim-built guys gain muscle. To supplement these efforts, safe and reliable steroids available from steroides injectables can be very helpful. The following are some tips that can help thin persons build muscle:

Eat food that helps with muscle development

To gain muscle, one needs to eat a lot of protein, which is the primary component of muscle. Carbohydrates are a source of energy and must be taken in sufficient amounts. Failure to do so will mean that the body starts breaking down proteins and muscles to get energy. Suitable foods that promote muscle growth are turkey, fish, rice, pasta, and milk.

Eat every two hours

The body requires nutrients to be available all the time to be able to build muscle. Three meals per day are just not enough if you intend to gain muscle. Aim for a substantial breakfast, then take a snack in two hours’ time, have a protein-packed lunch, and get a snack in not more than two hours after lunch. Some workouts are done in an hour’s time after snacking, then take a shake after training. Then it’s time for the evening meal which should be a big and healthy one. Before retiring to sleep, remember to take some shake so that the muscles do not starve while sleeping.

Have enough rest

The body requires enough nutrients and rest to be able to build muscles. Too much exercise without proper rest will be counterproductive. In between workouts, there must be enough time for the body to rest, heal and grow. Overtraining at the gym will result in slow muscle growth.

Avoid cardiovascular activity

Do not undergo any cardiovascular exercise as this will only result in the burning down of calories. Cardio can only be undertaken if there is fat accumulation that needs to be burned, which is not typically found in slim men. The skinny guy on a muscle-building mission should do the least activity that will result in the burning of calories. Instead of running, he should just walk, and sit instead of standing.

Perform compound movements

To get bigger, one must become stronger. Compound exercises make use of several joints, while lifting weights. There should be optimal muscle recruitment, high activation of the nervous system and more growth stimulation. Some compound workouts include squats, shoulder press and deadlifts. All these are excellent at building strength. Some other ways to utilize compound movements include push/pull movements horizontal-wise, and vertical pull/push motions.


These tips should yield positive results for thin men if applied well. Make sure that your diet is one that promotes building of muscle, ensure adequate rest for healing and growth, and only carry out exercise that will meet your ultimate aim of increasing muscle mass.

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