Fitness Tips: Butt Workouts for Women

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Every woman wishes to have a perfect body. According to many, a great butt is firm and well-toned. Fitness plays a significant role in achieving such results according to experts. However, great steroids like the Valkyrie Dianabol / Dbol 10 will work wonders on any butt on top of increasing muscle mass and enhancing performance. Back to the main focus, below are some of the best butt workouts for women.

Barbell Deadlift

Most women will not challenge this workout as much, but it is one of the best. As one lowers the hips and bends and grabs the bar, the butt muscles swiftly move into action. Lifting the barbell deadlift puts the muscles into action and, therefore, starts to tone. The glutes and lats also follow suit in enjoying the juicy benefits. Make sure the weight is not too much or too little.


Quite a large number of women will confirm that squats are a winner in this matter. If you want a great butt, do squats. To make the workout more fruitful, a woman can grab some weights like dumbbells or kettlebells and use them. If this is a daily workout that you decide to use, three sets of 15 reps each can do wonders. Doing squats the right way will not only yield great results but also will avoid injuries to the hip and spine.

Single Leg Front Raises

Raises are not tough for any woman, yet they yield great results. To produce even better results, a woman can grab a small deadlift with her arms during the workout. A good surface also matters as you try to balance the body on one leg as the other is raised above. Here, the more one can hold in position, the better the results she will get. Fitness trainers also say that giving both legs equal attention promotes proportional results in your butt area.

Sun Salutation

Women love Yoga, and this move is an excellent way to go in that direction. All you need is a yoga mat and a knowledge of how to do this workout move. The sun salutation move inclines your butt as high as possible while on all fours. Some women prefer to make movements up and down while others move up and hold. Either way, the butt muscles get worked out in a great way for toning. The good thing is that this move is not only simple but also fun, especially for beginners.


When it comes to butt fitness workouts, the list would be incomplete without lunges. The best thing about lunges is that they also tone the thighs together with your butt muscles. To perform this simple workout, start with a standing position and lunge the left leg forward with the hands on the hips. Make sure that the other leg also gets an equal share of the workout in order to encourage proportional results. Lunges can also be a stretching workout after doing the other exercises like squats and lifts.

Doing one or a combination of the above every day will give you a firm and well-toned butt. You will definitely love the results you get.

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