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Buzzers… Tuesday…

It was a normal day in S-curve world yesterday.

But we did get active in the FB stories > Messenger chatsWhich is where you all should go, after reading

these newsletters now… Over on my own FB profile.

So let’s get into what was discussed…

To begin…

If something doesn’t look right @ your physique. Then there’s something you’re not doing… Simples.

So you need to jump in the chats, so that we can figure out what that is. And I know you have issues…  Based on the chats that I have with most of you. I can ‘feel’ your energy/vibe.Like… I’ll post something > like this @ yesterday.

And you’ll reply and tell me something > like this.

I’m doing this every single day. And I remain 90-100% S-curvish. So it’s all do-able.

I won’t mention the past members that it’s been working for. Because they’re proven. They’re in the family.

And I’m currently working through a batch of new members. Getting them to re-believe and show them how to make it work ‘for them’ (Because their mindset is all fudged up).

That’s the game we’re in, when getting you in as a member. That is…
A big ‘ol mindset fix!

Going back to yesterday’s newsletter…

Which option should you go for to begin?

– Pay as you go?
– Long term/High end? (As seen on stage 3 via Morebuzz)

Well… It almost always starts as a 4-6 week ‘phase’, in your first month. Regardless of who you are. Because that’s the foundation month.
That’s where…
– The trust building happens
– The ‘seeing what works for your lifestyle’… Happens.
– The initial trial and error… Happens
– Letting you experience the happiness from witnessing ‘noticeable results’… Happens
A lot of s**t happens during this phase. And by the end of it… You’ll be…
#1 Ready to continue on long term… To let the S-curve formula really work it’s magic
#2 Ready to go off on your own and work it yourself. Although most people who do this, simply go on a light Lifestyle Phase.
And as of today… It doesn’t really matter which option you end up doing. Because how you start now… Will
almost, always be via a tailored Paypal link.
So off to the FB stories you go (Does anyone even reply to emails any more?)

Trending in S-curve world today?

– > THIS… Is what TC2.0 IS!
– Perfect example of > OOTD-curvish via our very own @dalmaviczai.
– > Hungry always shows it’s face.
– The > barbell… Since it’s the only real protocol tool you’ll need, for ‘home’ S-curve workouts.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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