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Moan-day… Because it’s hump day. ‘Not’… The mid week meaning. Ha.

And > this is the T-shirt where those ‘days’ are coming from.


So… You all know about the upcoming ‘short splits’ routine right. It’ll be routine #16 in S-curve member


And the entire thing is based around the tweaks that happen in the ‘live’ workouts. Because I know that’s

what’s boosting everyone’s results at record speed.

Especially in the noticeable results stage @ 2-4 weeks.

And this is why I’ve been feeding you those 7-10 day formulas over the past few weeks. Because your

mindset needs to be fixed and ready to embrace the way that you’ll workout in that routine.

But today… I’m going to give you a detailed version of > Mondays newsletter.

So that you can act on it properly. Again… Not you @ current S-curve members. You are all succeeding

in the way that you’re suppose to be, on your own individual programs.

Yup… We ante up every year. This year is no different.


On Monday we said…

– Ankle weight knee to elbow walks to failure x 3


> Take a 2 minute break in-between each set.

> Make sure you keep your elbows locked in the same position throughout the entire movement.

> Make sure your knees touch your elbows each time.

– Running on the spot with light ankle weights till failure x 3


> Breathe! Throughout the entire set. You’ll wipe out very quickly if you don’t.

> 3-4 minute break in-between sets.

> Keep your forearms out in front of you, completely horizontal, just above your waist throughout the

entire move. And make sure your knees hit your hands every time.

You can see how these explanations look via video > here.

– Zero carbs after 2.00pm
– A-rated protein/carb foods only



> Chicken/Turkey breast
> Jerky beef
> Hydro whey
> Tilapia


– All fruit
– Brown rice

– Potatoes

– Drop your daily fat intake to 15-20 grams


The easiest way to do this, is to eat more nuts and seeds. And zero saturated fat of all other solid

foods (Not an issue, as we solved that problem above…).

– Sesame seeds (A-rated bagels)
– Flax seeds (Like sprinkled on oats)
– Sunflower seeds
– Pumpkin seeds

– Walnuts
– Pistachio nuts


I’ll leave you with this…

The magic exists in the ‘how to do’, with the ‘what to do’.

(Yea… I said that the other day too).

Most people know ‘what’. Almost everyone screws up with the ‘how’. Change that… We will.

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