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‘Coming up for air’ and ‘Travel-curvish 2.0’

So… Just like many of you do… Last night was a ‘night out of fun’ for me. It doesn’t happen often. But I personally do it, to unwind (come up for air) and see what kind of folks are in town. As I always learn new things every single time.

But one of the things I see with these folks (Who are also the same as all of us here @ this newsletter). Is that many of them are living a (Travel-curvish 2.0 lifestyle) @ regular long weekend breaks.

So if Travel-curvish does nothing ‘but’ encourage you to take those > 25 trips in 6 months. Then so be it. Because that IS the #1 reason why it exists an S-curve experience feature. Which leads to unforgettable experiences. Just like one of the folks who I met last night, who is heading off to El Nido, from the main Travel-curvish page.



I talked about YOU… Reading this newsletter and confusing yourself. It doesn’t happen a lot. Since we are LIVE and in real time on here. But the flip side to that ‘confusion’.

Which is the flip side to many. Is that the S-curve  blueprint tips on here, will help you along and keep you on the ‘fit wagon’ part of the S-curve experienceSo today… We’re going to have the 2nd late FBF blueprint tips newsletter of the year (Stuff that was highlighted in newsletters from 6+ months ago).


Let’s go…

#1 Add a lemon to your plain water drinks.

#2 Go for hydro whey if you can. Or any whey that has a boosted nutrient profile than standard whey. If hemp whey… Then it’s the 40 grams of fat a day to keep an eye on + Breakfast/Until afternoon only.

#3 Stick to liquid fruits @ pre-post workout.

#4 Start your workout with the exercise that you suck at the most, in that specific routine.

We only focus on specific/effective exercises in ALL of the 16 S-curve routines. That’s partly why you’re seeing the results you’re seeing. As an official member or Fitbuzzer spectator.

#5 The protocol S-curve meal structure…

You can print it out from > More buzzDo that and stick it on your fridge door or cupboards. It’s one of many habit building tactics we use on the long term program @ > stage 3 on More buzz.

You won’t realise it… But your subconscious mind will change. Which will have you following that structure by default, without even realising it.

#6 The 10-15 minute video workout routines – There’s more talking and pausing in those videos on purpose. It’s so that you learn how to properly execute every exercise that you see.

> Exercise effectiveness

> Injury prevention

So watch once… And use the text descriptions below the videos to follow along with, when you actually workout.

#7 The 2- 5 minute routines – Those will have text descriptions too. But they are designed to be watched and followed. They’re quick. So you might have to pause when you’re doing an exercise.

#8 Want to break through a stubborn shred-curvish moment on your arms?

Focus on super rep laying barbell tricep extensions for 10-14 days, 4 days a week. Reps and sets will vary, depending on your current physique and strength levels. But that exercise will trigger some magic. But it’s a good idea to jump on a 121 chat though. Because almost all members screw up the form or even progressing to that exercise in the right way.

I’ll stop there. Because this list is truly endless. But like I said earlier in the week. You don’t ‘always’ have to take this info in as an active stage 3 member. As you’ll be taught everything that’s specific to YOU, over the long term. Via your LIVE update member page.

Reply to talk or head over to Messenger.




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