Fat loss results – How long does it actually take?

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Buzzers… Tuesday… Fat loss results…

Everything is always evolving, here in S-curve world. Especially when new faces appear on the scene. Because they begin to shape what our future looks like, as they join the rest of you on here.

A lot of the new faces will re-motivate some seasoned Fitbuzzers/S-curve members too.

And yesterday… The new ‘official’ became…

– New people that arrive in S-curve world… Will see and start, on > stages 1-4.

– Seasoned followers/S-curve members = > This page

But since the increase in new activity in the past week. That naturally lead to more questions popping up.

That will never slow down. Because questions… And the answers to them. Are the back bone to our existence.

Without that… We can’t create solutions that make sense for YOU.

One question/query that comes up…

How long does it take to see results… Or what does the 3-6-12 month process look like?

I gave body type examples of this in a recent newsletter, via members that have succeeded.

But today… I’ll walk you through what the process looks like. And what to expect along the way. Since I’ve seen how this plays out, countless times already.

Month #1 – Foundation month 

What to expect: Noticeable results 

This is when together… We learn everything about you. We usually find out everything… Within this time period.

Also… This is the time where you start to understand why things didn’t work before. And why they will start working from this point onwards.

– Some of it is documented theory, via your LIVE update member page.

– Some of it… You just ‘feel’. Which is arguably more important.

Months 2-5

This is when stage 3 really kicks into gear. Stuff like…

– Strength and exercise progression module

– Matching nutrition to your on going results.

This MUST be followed through correctly.

If not… You simply won’t see the desired results. It doesn’t matter if we go easy paced (Lifestyle Phase) or hard paced (Results Phase).

The formula must be followed.

And that’s where the LIVE update member page and 121 coaching really shows it’s importance.

Beyond this time period…

It’ll be some variation of the above. But you will usually be at least, 60% S-curvish at this point.

How much fat or muscle (lack there of…) you have… Will determine how fast or slow you get to that point.


The entire process ‘documents’ in a lot more detail than that. It will look something > like this

That was 100% LIVE. So yours will look a little different. And because you’re a different person.

Either way… It’s the S-curve formula at work. And like I said yesterday. Stage 3 is where you need to be. If you’re set on reaching a set goal.


I introduced this to Morebuzz, at the start of the year.

It’s an optional way to get onto stage 1, for free.

And for those of you who have been interested in the business side of things (Quite a few of you are business owners). It can be a way to add an additional revenue stream for yourself (Even if you’re not a business owner).

For S-curve world… I’m more interested in the future blockchain shenanigans that may occur.

None of us have any idea of what that will look like right now. But it is coming. I’m re-mentioning this… As new people have been starting on this option.

Just remember, that you need to message via FB Messenger (My profile or on the page), in order get started.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– ‘Come up for air’ > playing golf

– > Yoga goodies

– ‘Come up for air’ by > flying

– It might be your > heavy belly that’s stopping you from flying higher


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 More buzz is where everything exists.
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