Fall season – And why it’s the best time for a nutrition ‘fix’

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Buzzers… Wednesday. Fall season is in full swing. And we started preparing for it, long before it kicked in,

behind the scenes.

That’s how we came up with the prepaid option, back in August. It’s to get your mind right. Especially when it comes to physical results. Because different seasons will affect the type of results you’ll get. Or want to get.

Right now. We’re focusing on getting your mind right (Attitude) for the fall season binge. That’s what > Hallow-curvish was about yesterday.

Which also gives us even more of a reason to focus on nutrition coaching. From day one!

It’s what we spend most of our time on, in the chats. And it’s always fun to talk about food. Especially in this season :D.

It needs to be a day 1 focus. Because almost everyone gets ‘nutrition’ wrong @ the short and long term approach. And it’s the no.1 thing that’s fudging you up.

So there’s going to be a heavy focus on S-curve nutrition coaching, from day one.

Hallow-curvish also serves as this years Black Friday/Thanksgiving program.We don’t do that every year. But when we do. We make sure that it’s themed around the S-curve formula and experience, as a whole.

If we do this right. Everything that happens from now until December. Will ensure that 2019 has more successful members, than 2018 (Altitude).

That’s our first job @ this…

Become S-curvish** > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle

> Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

To lead the way into making you successful. In regards to mindset, lifestyle and body part fixing.And after the first few months of fixing your attitude. Then… We start having more fun in our 121 coaching chats.

And hopefully… To more in-person meet ups.

Attitude is important. Because it’s a broken attitude, that got your mind, lifestyle or body broken, in the first place.

I’ve been through it. Past members went through it (And still return for stage 4 fixes). So we know ‘what’s up’.

Just turn up on day one. The hard work will happen on our end @ pushing you through the processes.

If any of the above relates. Don’t hesitate to message (There are Messenger icon buttons on the bottom right side of every @fitbuzz website… And then to begin). Since the value proposition decreases, with each passing day @ that timer on the Hallow-curvish page.

If you was a part of the September rush of people, who ended up in the 121 chats. Wanting to officially get fixed/started (I know who you all are of course). Then this is for YOU!

Your passion is always felt in those chats. So jump in!

What’s trending?

– > Leanbean again – Because of today’s focus on food.

When you go there. Be sure to look through the ingredient list (And feel free to ask ME about it).

And the most important statement in the FAQ section. Is that you should be adding any extra supplements, as a booster… To the S-curve formula nutrition teachings (Like what we do with whey and casein).

Starting via a nutrition focused month and season. Is probably the best time to try new things, in regards to foods. Because it’s what you’re naturally going to do anyway.

Also… For the most part. You’ll be choosing your own foods and meals to eat. Once the formulas are taught.

The only thing you have to do right. Is match the ingredients @ what needs to be in your meal, at any given time.

– Halloween costume > mask ideas.

– > Captain American for a Halloween costume?

– > S-curve workout motivation


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