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People of S-curve world…
We have to do these posts, every 6-12 months or so, as new people enter our world… And have to be properly informed about the things we do here.
Most who enter our world… Understand our message. And entered our world because of that reason.
But… There’s some who don’t.
And for those who don’t. This post is for you…
So… To effectively explain where we are today, we need to go back in time. As we didn’t arrive where we are today, over night.
Today we have…
> 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips
> The Survive and Thrive program
> S-curve Partner Program for individuals and existing businesses
That’s just on the product end.
But again… Let’s go way back and look at history. As doing so, will make it clear as to why you see what you see, via everything we publish out into the world.
– Via newsletters
– Via Social media 


This website… Stayfitbug.com
That’s where everything we’ve ever done… Started from.
The initial goal
– Help ME get back into the fitness lifestyle (After being physically and mentally wrecked from existing within the Silicon Valley start-up world).
– Help naturally ‘slim’ men (Ectomorphs), become the opposite (Mesomorph).
And it didn’t take long for all of that to become a reality.
It all happened with 12 months.


I always knew that I wanted to build a canvas. A sandbox.
A business and brand… That allowed me to play around with different ideas (Due to my experiences within start-up life).
You know… The ability to consistently throw sh*t at the wall and see what sticks.
And that’s exactly what happened in 2010.
We were serving our men very well.
Mr. Ale Rodriguez
Mr. Ale Rodriguez
But this was the year when…
– Mixergy.com started to blow up (Video interviews… During a time when video was very new on the internet).
– Facebook pages become popular.
Being a new entity, in the global fitness industry. It was my goal to video interview inspiring people (Like Mixergy did with tech people and entrepreneurs).
Which I did. Which you can still see via the video interviews tab.
A lot of the popular interviews, were with women.
This happened in the first half of 2010.
And it was around August… When I decided to start featuring different women on a Facebook page.
1-2-3 months… It quickly started to grow.
The ‘heat’ of that growth, lasted into 2011-12.
Which was a time period where I was deep in the trenches, building the early stages of our current day > S-curve formula.


Instagram started to become popular, 12 months prior to this time. And a friend suggested that I jump onto it.
My thoughts were of course, for business use. Not for personal.
Which of course… Led to the creation of these two accounts…
It’s been 8 years. So the audience and ‘messaging’ has evolved over time.
It was the creation of those accounts, that birthed ‘The S-curve’.
It’s when you turn your body to the left and see the letter ‘S’.
@hj_vibes = S-curve
@hj_vibes = S-curve
Epic butt, tiny waist and epic lats to match.
There were several iterations of an S-curve program, that helped people create that body shape.
From 2012-2017…
There was definitely over 1000 people who passed through the program.
And so… The after effects have still lasted, into 2020.
Which is why women are the core focus… The backbone, of everything you see in S-curve world.


This is when things started to change.
As usual… We always had to bring new people into our world.
I did that by…
– Travelling to untapped regions of the world (Asia was a hot spot at the time).
– Meeting people at networking events… People who weren’t familiar with the ‘internet fitness’ world.
I would show these individuals our Instagram accounts. And they were instantly hooked. Women AND men.
The women became interested in looking ‘S-curvish’… As always. Especially since they weren’t familiar with seeing bodies like these.
But the men… Were more interested in getting their wives and girlfriends to look S-curvish.
They were actually very passionate about it.
Being in South East Asia… Meant that ‘travel’ was a hot thing.
– Warm weather
– Bikinis
– Endless islands to visit
So the goal to look S-curvish… Was at an all time high.
A lot of S-curve members were career professionals and married couples.
But what I noticed was… That women were the ones instigating the travel trips. Aka… > Travel-curvish 2.0.
And just like that… The S-curve program… Transformed into an experience.
Especially since I was going on a lot of trips myself.
All of this… Coincided with the growing popularity of certain islands.
For example…
El Nido 
El nido google trends
El nido
Siargao google trends
And so… Our 2012-2017 ‘women dominating’ S-curve world… Turned into a male AND women focused world.
Of course… The 2009-2012 men, didn’t go anywhere. 
But they were easily overshadowed by women, in the years following that time period.

2017- Present day

It’s been a roller coster ride, over the past 3 years.
– The internet became even more populated… Faster
– Technology started to evolve quicker
– There are now more platforms than ever before (Our own S-curve Xperience is a niche platform)
Becoming an S-curve Xperience… Has opened us up to more opportunities and eyeballs.
It’s a platform, for a certain way of living ‘life’.
– Living your best life
– In your best-curvish body
– With your favorite people
We’ve been naturally building up to that, for 11 years.
We have…
> 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips
> Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
> The Survive and Thrive program
> S-curve Partner Program for individuals and existing businesses
> The S-curve formula
All of those things exist… To help improve your life, as you follow this lifestyle and live your own variation of it.
They are indeed all connected.
It might not seem that way for everyone, upon first arrival.
Prime example
The S-curve formula is FULL of science, tech and math.
Yet… That exists beneath the surface (On purpose).
On social media… The first thing people will see…
– Are S-curvish bodies
– Life being lived… In our world
So these people won’t see the detailed stuff until later.
People who find us through search engines, see all the technical things we get up to. And might ignore ‘The S-curve’ altogether.
In fact… Send us a DM on this page, and let us know how you found us and what your first experience was like.
Again though…
Everything that we get up to in S-curve world… Is connected.
The deeper and further you go… Means that you will 100% Xperience all of the above.
– The science, math and fast results
– The 121 chats
– The people within the S-curve Partner Program
– Knowledge of past/present S-curve members

To conclude

It’ll usually take people 3-6-12 months… To TOTALLY understand our message.
But that’s OK.
Because the people who get involved our world… Stick around for 3-5-7 years.
Jump into our private Facebook group
You’ll see many of them there.
Or around my own Facebook profile, via the photo comments.
Final words
The big one…
You enter our world… You see women.
Most of whom… Are S-curve partners.
And no… They’re not ‘girlfriends’. Haha.
Almost all are married, have families or have significant others.
Everything we do is connected.
– Social media posts
– Newsletters
– Programs
It all works together.
What you see on the surface… Is an intro to that connected-ness.

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