Exercise Equipment for Cardiovascular Workout

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In case you pay a visit to a gym, you are going to different exercising machines, which have been designed for walking, running, rowing, kayaking, cycling and skiing. Such machines are enough for offering the desired cardio workouts for burning fats and calories. Price of exercise equipment varies from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. It depends upon whether the machine is programmable or motorized. Again, price also depends on whether there are any add-ons like meters for measuring heart rare, time elapsed or calories burned. While the data available from these meters would not be entirely accurate, it is going to encourage you for stepping up the workouts to get better results.

Let us check some of the popular exercise equipment types, which you would find in a gym:

  • Cross-Country Ski Machine allows you to exercise both your arms and legs at the same time. Sliding motion involved will be quite easy on your knees. Some of the machines involve one of the skis moving forward for the other to move back, whereas in others, there is an independent ski movement. Some of the machines use ropes, whereas there are others with stationary handgrips. All you need to do is to pick the one, which is best suited to you.
  • Elliptical Trainers involves an Up-&-Down motion. It is a cross between a stair-stepper and ski machine. Easy on your joints, the resistance can be adjusted manually or automatically on different models. If you wish to work on your upper body, there are equipments available with handgrips. The unusual motion involved might take a bit long to get used to. You should buy the one with comfortable pedals and handlebars having curved ridges. You should try using the machines at varying speeds for getting that stable feel.
  • Rowing Machines help to give your arm, leg and back workout at the same time. Unless, you have familiarity to rowing, you will find the motion involved to be unconventional. While making a purchase, consider the pulley one rather than the one with piston for actual rowing experience.
  • Stair Steppers offer low impact workout. Some models are provided with handgrips for working out your arms. Initially, using it can be quite strenuous. Again, you would find the motion to be hard on your knees. However, with time, you will get used to it and the exercise equipment can produced the desired result.
  • Stationary bicycle is quite simple to use, even though if long stints are done, it is going to be uncomfortable. Riding such equipments provides a perfect cardiovascular workout. You should lookout for models, which are provided with an adjustable and comfortable seat. With hard seats, things might get uncomfortable at times. You can opt for a cushioned-seat model.
  • Treadmill allows you to walk indoors. Some of its models are flexible and have a less joint-jarring structure. You should buy a motorized model. There should also be an option for adjusting grade and speed for walking at comfortable rate.

Any exercise equipment mentioned here is good enough to provide you with the right cardiovascular output possible.

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